Fans Turn Against Dana White as UFC CEO Humiliated PFL and Bellator at UFC 300 – “Living Rent Free in Oily Guys Head”

Published 04/14/2024, 10:44 PM EDT

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UFC 300 was a masterpiece by Dana White and Co. The grand night was a successful event as more than 20000 people were in attendance to witness history in the making. White and company celebrated the success after the event with the media. However, the mention of PFL and Bellator by a reporter seems to have irked the UFC head honcho.

At the UFC after the fight presser, White was inquired about any future events in Hawaii considering the fact that Max Holloway put up the best show of the fight. White emphasized that the infrastructure problem is barring them from having any event in the island state. Amid this conversation, a reporter took the approach of teasing the CEO by stating the fact that PFL and Bellator had recently had an event in Hawaii.


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The reporter got a cheeky response from Dana White for his question. He emphasized that there is no competition between UFC and others. “Put on a f****** fight in the parking lot. “Dude, I can’t believe you just said that. You know ‘PFL-ator’ was here on Friday?” White said, combining PFL and Bellator into one name. “Did anybody know that? I didn’t know until f****** Friday,” said Dana White.

He further added, “I’m not bussing on it, that’s a fucking fact.” They put out a memo, “Buy two get two free.” You are in a bad situation if you are putting those memos out. There are more people in my green room tonight than their main row in their fight” There is no doubt that Dana White hates the mentioning of his competitions, However, seems like his actions have worked against him this time.

Dana White’s ‘PFL-ator’ response gets fiery reactions

Dana White attacks his competitors on various occasions, however, his recent attack on PFL and Bellator was a bit harsh, which caught the attention of the MMA community. Some of the comments by the fans are as follows:-

Starting off, a fan took the pedestal to ask a question to the UFC CEO.

But why does he care so much?

It’s a known fact that UFC is the king in providing premium MMA entertainment, however, PFL is catching up sooner than expected, and seems like White knows this fact as well. Considering that, one fan said:

Dana would not be talking about the PFL if he didn’t see them as competition.

Furthermore, a fan took a dig at the UFC CEO.

How many lines did you do before this interview?

Francis Ngannou was the heavyweight champion of the UFC. However, because of contract arguments, Ngannou left UFC and joined PFL as their best fighter. Initially, White did not react to it, but the MMA community makes sure that he remembers this. Recalling that some fans teased:

Somebody still mad still got feeling of Nganou Decision 


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Pfl and bellator must be living rent free in this oily guys head

UFC 301 would witness the title defense by Alexandre Pantoja against Steve Erceg as the main event. UFC’s return to Brazil seems a bit lackluster considering the fact that most of the Brazilian fighters are on a break now and this UFC offered a $10 discount on the card and a fan reminded White of it.

Arent they offering $10 off UFC 301 because non wants to watch the main event ??? 


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You have to actually like MMA to watch PFL. not just be there for the bright lights and shiny production

From the reactions of the fans, it can be understood that Dana White’s rampant criticism of his competitors has some limits. Nonetheless, despite the hate, White’s words have some truth in them because UFC is the emperor in MMA entertainment now. What’s your take on White’s comments about PFL and Bellator? State your thoughts in the comments below.


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