Are sketchy playgrounds a bigger threat to our kids than TikTok? Joe Rogan seems to think so!

UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan is successful in both professional and personal life. He has been married for years and has three children, one of whom was adopted from his wife’s first marriage. Rogan often shares moments about their children’s childhood on his podcast, which showcases his role as a dedicated father.

In a recent episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan was joined by an American journalist, author, and filmmaker Sabastian Junger. Together, they discussed the topic of being better parents and the potential dangers in playgrounds.

Joe Rogan discloses several parenting concerns


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In his podcast episode #2172, Joe Rogan and Sabastian Junger discussed the negative aspects of Instagram algorithms. Rogan shared how he has seen numerous videos of accidents where people fall from buildings, get shot, or are hit by cars, which deeply affects him, even though these incidents did not happen in front of him.

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Suddenly. Junger chimed in with a personal anecdote. He mentioned that he used to frequently visit playgrounds with his daughters and has observed children getting injured or falling. Junger explained that he chooses to approach and comfort these children because he believes their parents are often distracted by their phones.

Joe Rogan then recounted a past incident involving his daughter when she was around 8 years old, where she broke her arm at a playground. Rogan reflected, “Yeah, playgrounds are scary, man. You know, you’re swinging around and you’re playing, and kids fall the wrong way.” Sabastian Junger followed up by highlighting ‘additional‘ potential dangers in playgrounds. He remarked, “And we’re on the Lower East Side in New York City, so it’s sketchy in some other ways too. You’ve got to awake, right? You’ve got to be alert.” junger also advised people to enjoy their time with their children while they can.


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Rogan affirmed Sabastian Junger’s remarks and emphasized to the audience and people that their children are more important, saying, “Right. Is a TikTok video more interesting than your child?” However, this is not the first time Joe Rogan has spoken about parenting. In his previous podcast, he also acknowledged the technology’s impact and social media on the lives of children in the 21st century.

Rogan on the impact of social media on children

Social media has become an important part of everyone’s life, including children, who can be seen using it everywhere. However, Joe Rogan believes it’s not only outrageous but also dangerous for children. He discussed these issues with Dr. Debra Soh in January 2024.


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“It’s also what’s going on with young kids,” Rogan stated as the two discussed people compare themselves to others. “They’re comparing themselves to people that are using filters and thinning their waist and widening their hips and doing all these things with apps that are not representative of most biological human beings.” Joe Rogan further claimed that these pressures could them mental stress, feeling inferior to others physically leading to self-harm.

Joe Rogan’s aforementioned statement is insightful in today’s world, especially regarding the safety and security of children. What are your thoughts on Joe Rogan’s remarks about playground safety? Do you agree with the podcaster? Let us know in the comments