MMA fans don’t need an introduction to the name of Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Dagestani has achieved an indomitable feat of never being beaten inside the Octagon. ‘The Eagle’ is also one of the very few fighters of the UFC to retire as a champion. Nurmagomedov is also an avid follower of soccer and a loyal supporter of the soccer legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. ‘The Eagle’ visits nearby soccer fields and also plays it out with his mates in times of his leisure.

Recently, the biggest festival of soccer, the FIFA World Cup came to an end with the country of Morocco achieving the prestigious fourth place in the tournament. Nurmagomedov was apparently startled and pleased at the same time; when he came across the news that the Moroccan Soccer Team would be donating their entire FIFA World Cup earnings toward the financially deprived children and their families; in Morocco. ‘The Dagestani’ took to Instagram and put a story sharing the post; which revealed this news.


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Khabib Nurmagomedov implied that it was all the almighty’s wishes

Nurmagomedov‘s Instagram story displayed a snap of the in-smiles and celebrating Moroccan team. The caption of the original post supplied the news about the outstanding humane gesture from the Moroccan soccer team. It read, “The entire Moroccan team decided to donate ALL of their earnings to poor children and their families in Morocco. A team of the people”.

The FIFA World Cup enlisted Moroccan soccer team reportedly received a humongous amount of $25M as a reward for their exceptional feat; of achieving fourth place in the tournament. They decided to give it all away for the welfare of the poor in their country.

Nurmagomedov also displayed his own feelings about this noble act from Romain Ghanem Paul Saïss and his team. He added his own caption to the story which read, “MashaAllah”.

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The word “MashaAllah” is an Arabic phrase that expresses a feeling of being pleased after witnessing something. Literally, it means, “what God has willed has happened”.

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Nurmagomedov‘s feelings after witnessing this beautiful act of humanity from the Moroccan team made him thank the almighty’s wishes.

Being a devout Muslim, ‘The Russian’ also believes that whatever happens in this world is all by the almighty’s desires. Human beings are just a medium for making them happen.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s story implied he still lauded sanity and humility

Nurmagomedov is reputed to be one of the most humble fighters to ever grace the UFC. Despite being quick in replying to his adversaries; he preferred never to get into altercations by himself.


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‘The Eagle’ has also said in one of his post-fight interviews that he wanted to finish off the ‘trash-talking’ in MMA, and turn it into a “respect sport”.

Nurmagomedov has also showcased his appreciation for ‘the good’ of other times. Also, a lot may agree upon the fact that ‘The Eagle’ sharing this awesome humane gesture by the Moroccan soccer team, was an exhibit of his appreciation for acts of kindness by humans.


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How do you feel after knowing about the extraordinary gesture by the FIFA World Cup playing Moroccan soccer team?

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