Former UFC Title Contender Jake Shields Supports Elon Musk Mentioning Joe Rogan in New Tweet

Published 05/21/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

The topic of ‘cancel culture’ has been much talked about and Joe Rogan and Elon Musk are two people who are constantly at the center of it. Recently, former UFC title contender Jake Shields gave his thoughts on people trying to ‘cancel’ billionaire Elon Musk while also mentioning Joe Rogan.

Shields took to Twitter to throw shade at the ‘lefts’ for trying to attack Musk. In his tweet, he said, “The lefts attacks on Elon Musk will be just as successful as they were against Joe Rogan. If you are self employed and refuse to cower and apologize their attacks just make you stronger.”


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The American martial artist mentions podcaster Joe Rogan in his tweet in order to show a similarity to what happened when Rogan was recently attacked. Rogan issued a heartfelt apology, which was well received by most.


Why is Joe Rogan So Important to the UFC?

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Currently, Musk is being attacked for buying Twitter in a huge $44 billion deal. People are mad at the billionaire for not spending his money wisely on real-world issues such as world hunger and poverty, but instead using it to buy a social media platform.

Joe Rogan’s Spotify Controversy

The UFC color commentator was recently ‘canceled’ for some of the controversial things he has said on his podcast. It got so bad that even some of Spotify’s employees threatened to quit their jobs at one point.


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All of this was not enough to stop the American, as Rogan emerged victorious by growing his subscribers and viewers amidst the controversy. Rogan gained at least two million subscribers at the height of the Spotify controversy. The number of viewers for each podcast episode has also increased.

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Many believe that a big reason for this was the way he handled the situation. Rogan apologized for his wrongdoings in the past and clarified the current controversy as well. He explained that he had no ill intentions and was just expressing himself.

What did you think of this tweet? Will Elon Musk survive this controversy just like Rogan did? Drop your opinions in the comments below.



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