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Francis Ngannou Names Alex Rodriguez’s Former Flame Jennifer Lopez as Her Childhood Crush

Published 04/27/2022, 2:21 PM EDT

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It appears that UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has his heart set on Alex Rodriguez’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. ‘The Predator’ admitted to having a crush on Jennifer Lopez in his childhood and wanted to dance with her.

America’s Favorite Video Today

The UFC heavyweight champion appeared on Brian Davis ‘ True Geordie podcast’ and disclosed his childhood infatuation,


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Geordie asked, “Do you have a celebrity crush?”

‘The Predator’, being the most feared man in MMA for his brutal knockout power, shied to the question and replied, blushing, “I had a celebrity crush when I was a kid, Jennifer Lopez”

Geordie felt amazed by the answer added, “She is amazing bro”

Ngannou went on saying, ‘Even when there was I should dance with a star, I said only with JLO’.

Geordie, who realized,’ The Predator’s attraction for the Hollywood star, concluded by saying “There you go, the Terms are set you gonna negotiate if you want”

It’s clear though the champ’s excitement how much desire he has for the American singer.

How Much of The UFC Does Dana White Own?

‘The Predator’ in his last fight defended his heavyweight title successfully against Ciryl Gane through a spectacular five-round unanimous decision victory at UFC 270.

Following the fight, the heavyweight champion sustained a knee injury, demanding ACL reconstruction and MCL repair, as well as a period of inactivity in the UFC.

Ngannou has recovered from the injury and is back to training, drilling, and sharpening his heavy punches.

Following ‘The Gypsy King’s’ stunning knockout of Dillian Whyte, ‘The predator’ and Tyson Fury have both publicly acknowledged fighting each other.

Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury: Will it happen in 2023?

Post the boxing match, Tyson Fury invited Ngannou into the ring and clearly expressed he wanted to have a fight with ‘The Predator.’

Fury said, “I’m the boxing heavyweight champion, and he is UFC heavyweight champion. He is in great shape. Look at the muscles in him”.


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‘The Predator’ followed up by saying, “We are gonna find who’s the Baddest mother fu**er on the planet”

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The match is expected to take place in 2023. Moreover, Ngannou hopes to have this fight take place in his native country of Africa. Amidst the ongoing ruffle between UFC and Ngannou regarding his contract, the situation’s gravity has yet to be officially confirmed by the organization. Dana White, the president of the UFC, has already stated Tyson Fury vs. Ngannou, is a ‘bad idea’.


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Let’s wait and see what happens, whether we get to see the ‘Baddest mother fu***r  on the planet’ bout or not. Will ‘The Predator’ get to dance with his boyhood sweetheart, Jennifer Lopez? Comment your thoughts below.



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