“Freedom Is the Power to Say NO” – UFC World ‘Proud’ of Francis Ngannou as He Invokes Martin Luther King Jr After Controversial Exit

Published 01/17/2023, 8:15 AM EST

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Francis Ngannou being released by the UFC is one of the major news in the MMA world. The fans are all interpreting the situation differently. Some fans think that ‘The Predator’ is an inspiration to many. Whereas, some are of the opinion that the former heavyweight champion made a bad decision by leaving the UFC. Now, the heavyweight champion is a free agent and maybe enjoying his life like that. He shared a recent post on an auspicious day with his fans and they noticed a striking detail about his post and Instagram bio.

Francis Ngannou receives mixed reactions from fans in his recent post

While many were seen supporting the former champion, there were some fans who were taunting ‘The Predator’. One fan said, “You are still the Champ, no matter the politics going on with your division, you’re the greatest of that division, I love you Champ.”


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There were many comments that said, “Change your bio”.

The former UFC champion’s bio states, Dream chaser UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world…” Clearly, the former champ looks in no mood to change the UFC heavyweight status, and fans gave noticed it.

Moreover, one fan said, “Freedom is the power to say NO.. that’s what francis did”.

Furthermore, one fan said, “Will miss you fighting the best fighter in the world in the best league.”

However, one fan said his negative opinion about Ngannou‘s decision. They said, ”I bet you are going to regret it in 6 years…”

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But, one fan stood with Ngannou and replied to all those talking a low way about the former champ. They said, “I don’t get what everyone is saying that he will regret, he is defo gonna get the biggest pay of his life in boxing, Fury already co-signed him. And the UFC will always want him whenever he is ready. its a win win”

Another fan said, “That one was a good decision”. While one social media user said, “proud of you bro..  you stood on your square and didn’t bend, didn’t break.. A real inspiration, Looking fwd to whatever you have coming next”

Similarly, one fan said, “I don’t get why you needed all that money to fight JON. Do it for free. I thought you were greater than money. I though you were our champion.”

Ngannou supposedly relates to Martin Luther King in being ‘Free’


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Francis Ngannou wished his fans on Martin Luther King Day. The former UFC heavyweight champion wrote, “Happy MLK Day y’all”, on his Instagram post caption. He also shared a Martin Luther King video wherein he says, “We are free at last.” Having been released by the UFC, ‘The Predator’ might think that he has been freed from the conditions of the promotion. However, some UFC legends consider this to be the ‘death’ of Ngannou’s career.

Moreover, Ngannou has gained his right to fight Tyson Fury in a boxing ring. It remains to be seen how that particular deal with ‘The Gypsy King’ materializes.


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What do you think will happen to Francis Ngannou? Is he right in his stance against the UFC management?

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