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The rise of Joe Rogan in the mainstream media has been unprecedented. From his humble beginnings as a stand-up comedian, Rogan has now turned into an icon hosting the most popular podcast in the world. The JRE podcast has hosted some of the most prominent figures including Space X founder, Elon Musk, and former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

This has led many people to wonder how Rogan achieved his success despite not having the best of situations at his disposal. However, the former Fear factor host had an answer to this question as he had some wisdom to share.


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Rogan made an appearance on popular tech scientist, Lex Fridman’s podcast. He was asked if he had any advice for young people who didn’t had the best of situations like him.

Joe Rogan shares some advice for young people

Joe Rogan then revealed that he was insecure during his younger days but did one thing that made him feel like a ‘winner’.

Everyone thinks they’re a loser, every young person thinks they’re a loser. At least a young person in a situation I was at. Like I didn’t know I wasn’t a loser until I started winning, until I started doing martial arts. Martial arts taught me like to get better at stuff. I wasn’t really a loser, I just was someone who was like had a f****d up situation,” he said.


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Moreover, he also claimed that young people could channel their energy into something productive like he did with martial arts. This made him more respected among his peers. “You can channel all that energy that you have as a young person into something and get better at it and then all of a sudden people admired me. I went from being someone who was incredibly insecure and basically a failure to someone who is really successful in this one thing that was really dangerous,” he added

Lastly, he concluded by stating that MMA had given him a confidence boost and gave him an understanding of how hard work would lead to success. “That gave me immense confidence and also a real understanding of the direct correlation between hard work and success,” he concluded.

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This approach has turned out quite well for Rogan. Last year, he struck a deal with streaming service Spotify for the exclusive rights of his podcast which was reportedly worth $200 million dollars.


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