“Gaethje Would Be Proud” – Fans Ask Dana White to Give Island Boys ‘50K’ After Live Stunt KOs an Audience Member

Published 12/17/2022, 11:41 AM EST

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Dana White is one of the three men who brought the Ultimate Fighting Championship into existence. It is due to White’s presidency that the UFC has prevailed and become one of the most looked-into mixed martial arts championships. It is no wonder that fans begin tagging the UFC president whenever they stumble upon something relevant to MMA on social media. Such was the case with the Island Boys’ video clip that showed them demonstrating a kick while performing on a stage.

The Island Boys were previously lifted up by Dana White when they made a video for a retiring UFC veteran. However, their interest in the sport in fact splashes from random corners. 


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Fans link Island Boys’ performance to MMA

While some songs make one calm, some can lift the adrenaline up high. Island Boys’ songs usually tend to lean in the second category of songs. However, stage performances and concerts are the places where artists chose to display their kicks. 

In a video clip recently shared by @mmauncensoredpodcast, an Island Boy member demonstrated a kick on stage. The caption read, “Don’t go on stage w/ Island Boy.” Without a doubt, the fans took over the comments and began linking the act to martial arts. Furthermore, some fans even called out the UFC president, Dana White, to recruit the musicians and give them a $50,000 bonus. 

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Here is what fans had to say about the clip:

  • Bro watched an Edson Barboza striking compilation before performing on stage
  • KO of the year! Dana give him 50k!
  • No way he actually landed that
  • Gave my man the Owen Hart
  • that kick is insane, Dana own you a contract
  • Gaethje would be proud
  • WTF get into mma asap that’s a 50k bonus kick in the UFC

Dana White once promoted Island Boys’ message

Earlier this year, the Island Boys recorded a video to hype up the retired UFC legend, Chris Leben. The Boys said, “Hey shout-out to Chris Leben, I heard you are a legend in UFC, you just retired and opened your first MMA gym called ‘The Training Center’, we wanna hype you up, we wanna say you are amazing, we want Dana White to repost this because it is coming from the Island Boys.” They went on and finally ended the message by saying that Leben was a legend.


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Surprisingly, the UFC president seemed to make sure that the message reached the retired fighter. He retweeted the video and gave hearty congratulations to Leben for his gym. White wrote, “Congrats @ChrisLebenMMA!!! Hope your new gym kicks a**!!!!!”


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Do you think Dana White listens to the Island Boys’ songs? Let us know in the comments down below.


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