Gordon Ryan Exploiting “Federal Funds” for Lost Truck Lands Him in Trouble With Fans – “You More Fu*ked Up Than the Thief”

Published 02/12/2024, 12:12 PM EST

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Gordon Ryan has been dominating the headlines for reasons outside of fighting. The renowned combatant took to social media a couple of days back and revealed his Ram TRX truck had been stolen. This irked the grappler, and he did not wait much further to take action. He contacted several first responders in Hays County, Austin Pd, Cedar Park, and San Antonio.

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Thereafter, he ultimately found his TRX truck, with the help of a secondary built-in tracker. In addition, he was grateful to the authorities who helped him in the process. However, the fans were not too pleased with how he approached the situation.

Gordon Ryan’s letter of gratitude backfires!


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The fans think Ryan should not have gone down the route of involving so many stakeholders, especially the Federal Police. Not to mention, he knew there was a tracker in the truck. He made a post on his Instagram narrating the event. Apparently, the thieves also tried to use his credit card, which was in the truck.

Ryan mentioned that the truck looked fine from the outside but had damages inside. Further, he added that no actionable intel came from civilians despite him announcing a 5k reward.


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Therefore, he was all the more thrilled about the authorities’ involvement and could not emphasize it enough. Unfortunately, the fans were not at all thrilled to see any of this.

A fan thought there was no need for him to write such an elongated caption when there was not a need for it: “I think you could have just said you found the truck because of the secondary tracker instead of all the unnecessary chest thumping?”

Meanwhile, one fan noticed that the comments were quite hostile and said, “⁠⁠I would just turn off the comment section I swear”

Moreover, one fan, sarcastically said it was not right to get state and federal police involved – “⁠Great use of state and federal funds”

On similar lines, another fan thought the federal police should not have been asked to find his car and said, “⁠The feds dropped everything to help you find your truck, please man”

Whereas, one fan saved other fans’ time and said, “I’ll summarize this for everyone. He called the police.”

One fan thought this sort of incident was only prevalent in the state of Texas. The fan said, “Stop to get Whataburger after a boost. Only in Texas.”

Last but not least, one fan did not appreciate certain comments made by him about fetching his truck back and said, “Be ready and willing to take a life!?? Damn you’re more fu*ked up than the thief”

It is safe to say that the fans have some hostile reactions. However, it bears mention that not just fans but even one of Ryan’s rivals has made fun of the entire incident.

Craig Jones trolls Ryan over his stolen truck


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In a recent review, Craig Jones, 32-year-old Australian grappler and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt competitor and coach, made it a point to poke Ryan. Moreover, his comments may not come as a surprise given the fact that the two are not fond of each other.

On his Instagram story, he jokingly mocked Ryan and said, “My guy left the keys in there. Start with protecting your driveway before you tackle the southern border.” He added, “American made, Australian stolen.”

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This whole saga has put Ryan in a spot of scrutiny and, to an extent, criticism. However, amidst all this, we are curious to know, what do you make of this debacle? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.



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