Gordon Ryan Recovers Stolen Truck and Makes Major Revelation on His Friends- “Don’t Ever Think You Can F***k With Me”

Published 02/11/2024, 10:03 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Gordon Ryan has finally recovered his Ram TRX truck, which was stolen a few days back. The truck was stolen from his driveway, and Ryan has now sent out a strong message after it was recovered. ‘The King’ offered a reward of $5000 for whosoever gave him information or helped him find the stolen truck.

However, at this stage, it is still unclear as to how Ryan (Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner) could relocate his stolen truck. The 28-year-old took to his Instagram to give out a stern message after recovering his truck. Let us find out what the BJJ practitioner had to say.

Gordon Ryan reacts after recovering his stolen truck


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Gordon Ryan last month announced that he would be taking a break from the sport again. The reason was because of his stomach illness, which has been a thorn in his path for the last few years. While that situation is tough to handle, he faced another setback when his truck got stolen a few days back. Craig Jones, a former teammate of Ryan, turned foe after the announcement of the stolen truck. Jones went as far as to joke that he was the person responsible for the whole theft.

However, after getting his truck safely returned, ‘The King’ took to his Instagram to share a message. Ryan wrote: There’s a lesson to be learned here. Well, really 2. 1- I have friends and eyes EVERYWHERE  2. Don’t ever think you can f..k with me and get away with it. Full post coming soon 


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While Ryan could find his missing truck, there’s one roadblock which he can’t body slam at the moment. It’s very common for combat athletes to take some time away from the sport, which allows them to recover. However, Ryan failed to do so and is suffering the consequences.

‘The King’ to return to action only after addressing his injury

Gordon Ryan was last seen in action when he took on André Galvão in 2022. He won the fight and instantly went back to the training camp with little opportunity for recovery. However, he took his health for granted and this move came back to haunt him as he pushed forward on his journey. In his recent Instagram post he announced: “I’m taking some time”. Ryan went through a lot during the process and had to work with medical experts, which helped him to recover .


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Ryan further added: “I came back for ADCC 2022, which I barely made it to with my stomach. After ADCC, I got overconfident and went ahead and started competing again. . .” Ryan took six months to recover from the camp. His stomach was full of bile and used to spend hours belching. The athlete has finally decided to address the issue and then return to action. The fans will hope to see him in action at ADCC again. Will Gordon Ryan compete in 2024? Let us know in the comments below.

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