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“Had to Get Her Feet Amputated”: Upon Tragic Disclosure, Michael Jai White Stresses on the Importance of “Precious” Health

Published 06/01/2023, 6:46 AM EDT

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Action star Michael Jai White is still as fit as he can be at 55 years of age. He has never backed down from doing his own stunts for however long he’s been in the movie industry. The star takes his health very seriously and urges others to do so. Recently, White touched upon the importance of maintaining one’s health in a video uploaded by ‘djvlad’ on YouTube.

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Michael Jai White may not have acted in A-list movies lately, but he has maintained his impressive physique through daily workouts and exercises. As an accomplished martial artist, he understands the importance of staying fit and healthy even after crossing 50. Having discussed Hollywood star Jamie Foxx‘s condition, White reacted to a sad story.

Action star reacts to the interviewer revealing a story about an amputation


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During the conversation, the interviewer said, “I have a relative right now that had to get her feet amputated because of diabetes… That’s something that could have been prevented if you took care of yourself leading up to that.”

While feeling shocked and downhearted to hear the news of the limb amputation, Michael Jai White doubled down on his opinion about the importance of health. “The most precious thing you have is your health. Anytime you lose that, you know, hearts out to you,” said the actor.


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He added, I always look at it like, one day I’m gonna require a cane. I want to stave that day off as far as I can. So the fact that I can run and jump and do these things, I’m gonna celebrate that.” He claims to be happy about the fact that he has the opportunity to get his health in the right shape and avoid physical and mental ailments as much as he can.

The actor who puts so much importance on health, still seems to hold on to his previous stance.

Michael Jai White recalls his old quote about staying healthy

During an interview in 2022, the ‘Blood and Bones’ star provided an excellent example to explain the importance of maintaining good health. White claimed that our body is the only thing that truly belongs to us, except for all the external things in life. He said, “Your body [and] your health is the only thing that you really own that somebody can’t take away from you.”

White also mentioned that people should not think about building discipline. Rather, they should cherish the fact that they have the opportunity to make themselves better.


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Michael Jai White also believes that being healthy is a necessity and a right of the people. Moreover, when people make excuses about not having time to work out, he feels that they should remember that working out will only help them buy more time. “This is a right for everybody, and people talk about like, ‘Oh, I don’t have time.’ Okay, let’s put these things together here because you say you don’t have time to put into your health. I would argue that taking care of yourself is the only thing that gives you more time.”

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Michael Jai White’s words excellently explain why health is the most important part of our lives. His impressive physique is a testament to his willingness to stay healthy and avoid any or all kinds of illnesses and limitations to the body.


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