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“Half Dead” After Debilitating Illness, Gordon Ryan Reacts to His Condition Getting Exposed by Bodybuilding Expert and Former Joe Rogan Guest

Published 06/04/2023, 11:02 AM EDT

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Many BJJ fans agree with the fact that Gordon Ryan is one of the biggest yet most controversial names in the grappling world. Being a five-time ADCC World champion, a four-time Eddie Bravo Invitational champion, and a two-time IBJJF No-Gi World champion, Ryan has been at the pinnacle of his game for years now. However, recent health issues have forced him to take a step back from the competitive scene.

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After a trip to Abu Dhabi, Ryan contracted a severe case of strep throat that progressively worsened despite multiple rounds of antibiotics. Eventually, this led to a tonsillectomy to address the underlying issue. Unfortunately, his health complications did not end there. Ryan also experienced stomach problems resulting from a fungal growth in his small intestine.


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Ryan‘s health struggles have taken a toll on his physical appearance. After describing himself as “half dead” in an Instagram story, he posted an Instagram photo recently. In it, he appears to have lost a significant amount of muscle mass. Some fans quickly jumped to conclusions, attributing the change solely to the cessation of PED usage, despite the complex health issues Ryan has been grappling with. Recently, a popular YouTube channel covered this concerning news!

‘More Plates More Dates’ talks about the condition of Gordon Ryan in his video

Popular YouTube channel ‘More Plates More Dates’ recently uploaded a video discussing Ryan‘s health issues and showcasing critical fan reactions. The channel is run by a bodybuilding expert who goes by the name of Derek. Moreover, Derek has also appeared in Joe Rogan‘s podcast once.


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The video highlighted Ryan‘s physical transformation and stirred controversy within the BJJ community. Further, the 24-minute video also focussed on various types of fan reactions to the grappler’s recent physique update. Many of the fan reactions that Derek discussed in the video were seemingly ignorant of Ryan’s health issues. Moreover, they only focused on accusing the 27 year old of losing muscle because of stopping PED usage.


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In response to the backlash and uninformed criticism, Ryan shared a screenshot of the YouTube video on his Instagram account. He expressed frustration with those who were quick to judge without understanding the gravity of his health challenges. “Would you look at that- you’re all f*cking retarded”, he wrote.


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Ryan‘s open discussions about PEDs and steroids in the past have made him a target for criticism. Because of this, some fans are suggesting that his physique change was solely due to discontinuing steroid use. What are your thoughts about this? Do let us know in the comments below.



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