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“He Doing the Nate Looking Like Cyril”: Fans Impressed by Fast and Furious Star Vin Diesel’s “Accurate” Pose for Nate Diaz and Ciryl Gane

Published 05/25/2023, 4:28 PM EDT

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The link between movies and sports is rather an old one. Multiple sporting personalities, starting from the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger to today’s UFC superstar, Conor McGregor have also been featured on the silver screen to date. On the contrary, multiple noted movie stars have also graced various sporting events to date. Combat sports have also been the favorite discipline of sports for numerous Hollywood celebrities as well. Recently, the famed Hollywood star, Vin Diesel, gave a bright example of both the mentioned things.

A couple of days back, Diesel was spotted with his youngest daughter at the coveted Game 4 of the current season of the NBA between the LA Lakers and Denver Nuggets. But, even though Diesel visited an NBA arena, his actions looked similar to that of a famed former UFC fighter. However, the NBA team they were supporting in the game was apparent from his daughter’s outfit. The video of Diesel imitating the noted UFC star was put up on multiple social media platforms and garnered a massive number of reactions from the fans.

Vin Diesel entering the NBA arena with a Nate Diaz-ish action was compared to someone else


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Many would already know about ‘The Fast and Furious’ actor’s attraction towards combat sports. Further, the action that Diesel presented while he was spotted by the camera, must be known to most UFC fans.

Some audiences might also take this action from Diesel as a testimony to his love of combat sports and the UFC. Even while entering the coveted LA Lakers and Denver Nuggets game, Diesel imitated how the noted former UFC star, Nate Diaz, used to introduce himself to the camera. The ’55-year-old’ immediately clenched his fists and walked in a clumsy way, much like the ‘Stockton Slapper’.


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This video went viral and was shared on Twitter and on Reddit as well. The tweet highlighting this video came from ‘TheArtOfWar6′ who also labeled Diesel’s imitation of Nate Diaz similar to when the famed French UFC Heavyweight, Ciryl Gane had taken his turn to imitate Diaz’s unique style.

His tweet read, “He looks like Ciryl Gane doing the Nate Diaz impression”. 

There’s actually a pretty famous video of the UFC Heavyweight, Gane, imitating Diaz. A lot would agree that Gane did a really good job with his imitation as well. ‘TheArtOfWar6′ perceived Diesel’s imitation to be more like Gane imitating Diaz instead of the original Diaz style.

Additionally, He also received quite some support for his opinon in the comments section. Some of the comments read:

  • Hall of fame tweet right here

  • Swear to God I said the same thing he doing the Nate looking like Cyril

  • This is too accurate

  • Dude always wears 5 inch lifts.

The comments section didn’t even contain a single comment which contradicted with ‘TheArtOfWar6’ viewpoint in this regard. However, there were quite a few people as well who couldn’t relate to ‘TheArtOfWar6’ opinion in this regard.

The same post on Reddit had fans denying that Vin Diesel looked similar to Ciryl Gane

Bizarrely, a screenshot of the same tweet was also posted on Reddit by one of the users. But the audience showcased exactly contrary opinions here. In the tweet, there was hardly any comment disagreeing with ‘TheArtOfWar6’. But here, on Reddit, it was hard to find fans who supported ‘TheArtOfWar6’s’ views.

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Strangely enough on Reddit, it was hard to find users who agreed with the narrative of the tweet despite the post being the same. Some of the Reddit comments read:

  • I’m not seeing it

by u/Attorney0fBirdLaw from discussion How is this so accurate…
in mmamemes

  • Its not. He looks nothing like Gane and his Doaz pose sucks. Flabby mofo

by u/soyuz-1 from discussion How is this so accurate…
in mmamemes

  • I’d go Mark Coleman

by u/ryanruud85 from discussion How is this so accurate…
in mmamemes


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Well, it’s a known fact that different people will have different opinions. However, Diesel imitating Diaz’s style clarified another thing as well. Although he was at an NBA game, Diesel’s heart couldn’t get off his attraction towards combat sports.

How much would you rate Deisel’s ‘Stockton Gangster’ imitation?


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