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“He F****ed Over Something With His Wife…”: Dillon Danis & Ariel Helwani Establish Shane Mosley to Be Proof of Jake Paul’s Rigged Fights

Published 12/22/2022, 7:45 AM EST

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Dillon Danis has proved to be one of the most controversial fighters in MMA. Most people remember him for being a friend of Conor McGregor and making bold claims more than his actual fights. Similarly, Ariel Helwani has made a name for himself in the same regard. Danis and Ariel Helwani together may prove to be doomsday for some people that they talk about. This time under their radar was YouTuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul. During his interview with Helwani, Danis made some bold claims regarding Jake Paul’s fights.

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Dillon Danis may have spilled some beans regarding Paul. It is interesting to know if his talks really have substance to them or if are they just meaningless.


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Dillon Danis claims he has evidence about Jake Paul’s fights

During the interview with Ariel Helwani, Danis might have revealed something that could hurt Jake Paul’s credibility as a boxer. He said that he has evidence to claim that Jake Paul’s fights are rigged. The controversial fighter said he received this information from one of Jake Paul’s closest people.

Dillon Danis told Helwani, “I don’t wanna say his name….. He’s an older guy and he asked me specifically to not put his name up there because he doesn’t like trouble and he doesn’t want to be in the limelight.”


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Furthermore, Danis said one of the most controversial statements during the interview, He said, “He f****ed over something with his wife or like he did something happened and they had a falling out “

Helwani asked Danis about the credibility of the evidence since the person does not train with Jake Paul anymore. The controversial fighter replied, “Because he trained with them for a couple of those fights.”

Furthermore, Danis added, “He knows how Jake operates. Like Jake won’t fight someone unless he knows he’s gonna win…”

Helwani suspected the whistleblower could be Shane Mosley. However, Danis was reluctant to confirm.

Dillon Danis has previously threatened Jake Paul

In a series of tweets, Dillon Danis has insulted Jake Paul and threatened to reveal his ‘secrets’.

McGregor’s ex-teammate also revealed here that he has proof in writing that his fights are rigged.


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Furthermore, he threatened to release evidence if Jake Paul doesn’t stop talking about him.


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Do you think Dillon Danis’ claims hold substance? Should the fans believe the controversial fighter over ‘rigged fights’ claims? Or is this just a publicity move for the controversial fighter before his next fight against KSI?

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