“He Loves Fighting Men”: Justin Gaethje Details His Call With Former POTUS Donald Trump After His Highlight Reel KO Against Dustin Poirier at UFC 291

Published 08/01/2023, 10:33 AM EDT

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Donald Trump is an unusual personality. Heir to a New York property fortune, he became known as an eclectic and whimsical socialite before becoming a reality TV star and finally being elected President. In the interim, he appeared in small parts in television shows and movies such as the cult-classic Home Alone 2 and was involved in one of the most entertaining storylines of the WWE, where he was pitted against WWE boss Vince McMahon. Now, his focus is on being re-elected as POTUS.

But, even in the busy presidential primary season and with the Justice Department on his back, Trump seems to have found time for the UFC. Lightweight slugger Justin Gaethje recently revealed in an interview that the former President rang him up after his recent victory over Dustin Poirier. Apparently, Trump had a few kind words for Gaethje after his UFC 291 main event win this past Saturday.

Justin Gaethje reveals details of Donald Trump call


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In a video posted on TMZ Sports, Gaethje discusses his fight against ‘The Diamond’. In it, he opened up about receiving a call from Donald Trump. The New Yorker congratulated ‘The Human Highlight’ on his spectacular high kick knockout of Poirier and invited him to golf with him when Gaethje is in New York or Florida. He also told the interviewer that Trump really loves fighters.

“I definitely you know I got to talk to Dana White, got a call from from Trump that was awesome. He loves fighting men…He called me and, um just tell me how good I did how, you know how proud of me he was, how impressive of a show it was and, uh that if I’m ever in New York or Florida hit him up and hopefully we can golf,” Gaethje said.

This incident seems to lend credence to the claim that Trump really likes the UFC. And why not? Trump had frankly told Jim Norton and Matt Serra in an episode of UFC Unfiltered that he likes people who like him. And it does seem he is well-liked in the UFC. Trump counts many prominent people in the UFC among his supporters. But why is Trump so popular among UFC personalities, from the top management to the fighters? 

Why do Dana White, Jorge Masvidal, and Colby Covington support Trump?


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From the boss Dana White to fighters like Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal are all massive Trump supporters, though their reasons for supporting may and do differ. White appreciates the support Trump gave to the UFC when it was still a struggling and fledgling promotion two decades ago and has reiterated this point in every endorsement speech he has given for the billionaire.

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Masvidal, who escaped Cuba when he was 15, on the other hand, feels Trump “stands for freedom everywhere.” As for Covington, the exact reasons are unclear. His support for Trump may be part of his strategy to play the bad guy. Or it may be that he finds Trump most aligned with his values and policy positions. We do not know for sure.


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It is clear that Donald Trump loves the UFC, even attending the occasional events. And his call to congratulate Gaethje is further evidence of it. What do you think about Trump’s association with the UFC? Is it good for the promotion, or does it harm it? Tell us in the comments section below.

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