Dana White has created an empire from scratch. The UFC was not as popular as it is now back when the business maestro bought the promotion. Some shrewd business signings and good relationships with stakeholders saw White grow the UFC into the best promotion for combat sports and one of the best promotions for MMA. Recently, the UFC president Dana White discussed some business aspects of UFC with Grant Cardone in his interview.

In the interview, the UFC President was questioned about some details of the UFC that the public and fans may not know.


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Dana White on his friendship and an unlikely meeting with the Fertitta brothers

In his interview with Grant Cardone, Dana White revealed that he was not always close with the Fertitta brothers. Although being in the same high school, they lost touch after they graduated.

On answering how he met the Fertittas, White replied, “It’s crazy and I’m sure this has happened to you before too… Lorenzo and I went to high school together… He was a rich kid and I was broke. It’s not like we were best friends, but we knew each other. Lorenzo was super nice guy to everybody…”

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As per Dana White, he and the Fertitta brothers had a common friend, Adam Corrigan, who helped White through high school. Later on, Adam Corrigan fell really sick and White helped him through it along with Gary Brecke. On talking about Adam Corrigan, White said, “He was such a good dude growing up… There was no way I was not going to his wedding…”

Continuing the story, White said, “I end up going to his wedding and I bump into Frank and Lorenzo again. It was the first time I’ve seen those guys since high school and that’s where we reconnected. We went to Adam Corrigan’s wedding and we’ve been together ever since…. That was like 25 years ago. If we don’t go to that wedding, we definitely don’t bump into each other and we don’t see each other. We changed the f****ng world because we went to that wedding.”


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White revealed how the UFC became a success with the Fertitta brothers

The UFC President to date has one of the most personal and professional relationships with Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta. He revealed that the secret to the success of the UFC is owed to ‘keeping their ego in check‘.

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Moreover, he has advised everyone to keep their ego in check. Furthermore, the UFC Boss needs to be given the utmost credit for the rise of combat sports, and especially MMA.

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