Here’s What You Need to Know About the Conor McGregor ‘FAST’ Program

Published 06/26/2021, 1:39 PM EDT

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Conor McGregor is inarguably the most popular fighter to be a part of MMA. ‘Notorious’ is a former two-division UFC champion and is one of the highest-earning fighters in UFC history. McGregor is not just an MMA fighter but is an entrepreneur and a very popular social media personality. The fighter has repeatedly dwelled in various ventures outside the UFC, and one such endeavor is McGregor FAST.

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McGregor has always been one of the fittest fighters in the UFC and with the McGregor FAST program, ‘Notorious’ has launched a program that shares his training regimes and helps every user get in shape.

What exactly is the Conor McGregor FAST program?


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The McGregor FAST (Fighting Aerobic/Anaerobic System of Training) is a program that combines long workouts with short high potent sessions. They made the program to cater to the different needs of every individual because one type of training would not work for everyone.

The most common devices that are a part of the system are the ones that McGregor himself uses frequently. The FAST program constantly recommends training programs involving Punching bags, treadmills, bikes, and rowing machines.


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Every individual works out for different reasons and has different capabilities of endurance. Therefore, it is important to understand the users’ needs and set a program accordingly. This is something FAST does perfectly and hence has helped many people in achieving their fitness goals.

McGregor has been one of the top athletes for more than a decade and his fitness has helped him remain active for so long. Therefore, ‘Notorious’ understands the value of training programs that help one stay in shape and has catered to that via the McGregor FAST program.

Why was the McGregor FAST program developed and how does it work?

The McGregor FAST program was initially developed to help ‘Notorious’ push past his physical limits. They made this program with the help of leading doctors and sports scientists from around the globe. McGregor used this program to help him in competing at the top level of combat sports for a long time.

Now that the program is available to the public, there are three zones one can choose from.

  • The Green Zone: The Green workouts are modeled for people looking to build their endurance and helps them go the extra mile.

Intent: Endurance

Effort: Medium

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  • The Orange Zone: The Orange Workouts are made for people who are looking to do strength-based and high-intensity exercises. This program helps in improving your total body strength.

Intent: Functional Strength


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Effort: Hard

  • The Red Zone: The Red Workouts are the toughest and require the individual to give everything they have. This program focuses on short bursts of extreme training and helps boost your power and speed.

Intent: Power and Speed


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Effort: Extreme

Because of these well-rounded and high-intensity training programs, McGregor is still competing at the top level of UFC. The UFC superstar is all set to face Dustin Poirier in their much-awaited UFC 264 clash and we as fans are eager to see ‘Notorious’ back in action.



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