UFC 291 has caught the attention of the entire world with the rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje. With only a few days left for the much anticipated bouts, the fighters have kept their focus on training and getting the BMF belt. But even training can surprise the fans.

Recently, a video has gone viral that has the fans enticed. The video showed Gaethje sparring with a partner, who happened to send a kick to the fighter’s head. The kick sent a banging sound, proving how hard the strike actually was. Gaethje’s sparring partner threw his hands up right after the hit. The caption in the video read, “Bro put his hands up after landing on Gaethje.”


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As soon as the footage crossed the threshold of Instagram, the mixed martial arts fans began pouring in their views in the comments section. The fans didn’t fail to notice the regret in Gaethje’s partner’s actions. Some of the fans even joked about Gaethje’s rage following a bad sparring hit.

  • He’s def seen Gaethje destroy somebody after hitting him sparring
  • his whole life flashed before his eyes 
  • The immediate regret.

A few other fans deemed the kick completely unnecessary, since there should be no strong strikes during sparring. 

  • That was too much for sparring 
  • He prob just realized that the kick was a bit much for how intensely they were sparring

Furthermore, some of the fans connected the ‘Diamond’ to the scene. They joked that Poirier would be taking notes. Undeniably, the fighter arguably has portrayed some of the strongest kicks in the lightweight division.

  • Why he throw a switch kick to the head as if Poirier gonna do that ?
  • Poirier taking notes

Although it was a sparring session, and the kick was indeed one of the strong ones, ‘The Highlight’ didn’t seem to mind it and hopped right back in. 

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Finally, one of the fans commented on Gaethje’s poor defense. 

  • Gaethje defense was sh*t tbf

Poirier acknowledges the improved prowess of Justin Gaethje


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Although the Poirier was the victor in their last bout, Gaethje has the ability to pose some serious threats to the ‘Diamond’. During a recent conversation with Fred Pinto, Poirier opened up on his game plan for UFC 291.

He commended his opponent for developing his defense skills and improving his overall fighting prowess. However, Poirier was also observant of Gaethje’s recklessness. Nevertheless, he left it all out to time. 


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What did you think of the training video? Do you think Gaethje’s defensive skills have improved since his last bout with Poirier? Let us know in the comments down below.