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“He’s Looking to Control the Mind”- Elon Musk’s $43 Billion Twitter Bid Triggers UFC Star Sean O’Malley

Published 04/19/2022, 7:13 AM EDT

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UFC fighter Sean O’Malley has earned a name for his gimmicks and funky lifestyle. He hosts his own podcast, where he discusses several things, including MMA and some latest news. It is called the ‘Timbo Sugar Show’ podcast, hosted by O’Malley himself and his coach, Tim Welch.

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In a recent episode, O’Malley and Welch discussed Artificial Intelligence taking over, Elon Musk, Twitter, and its impact on them. While talking about AI, ‘Sugar’ said that there might be a possibility of a super-smart AI existing. He jokingly said he might be a robot himself.


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This brought Elon Musk into the mix, as he is one of the biggest names in technological innovations. Recently, Musk made a bid to purchase Twitter reportedly for $43 billion, and they discussed it on the podcast too.

‘Sugar’ revealed Musk has a purpose behind buying Twitter. He said, “Yeah he’s still trying to stop f**king censorship”

The massive figure that is reported in the news surprised his coach, Tim Welch. “43 billion!… so he’s got to be like what I wonder what his net worth is,” he exclaimed. Their guest told them that Musk is the richest man in the world, having “five or six hundred billion” dollars of net worth. To which, O’Malley responded, “Well Joe [Rogan] always says the Saudis of whatever the f**k*ng that don’t have to tell you guys how much they make, they’re the richest.”

Welch found it difficult to believe that someone could turn down a $43 billion bid and wondered why. “Um, I wonder thought like why wouldn’t the… unless the Twitter guy just loves his job, why wouldn’t he be like yeah, take it?”

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Sean O’Malley tried to explain it to him, “Because he might be getting pressured by other people.”

“Oh, ’cause it’s probably not one guy’s decision,” replied his coach.

The coach then added on and said, “I saw some Instagram post too of the… I don’t know if it was CNN. It was a newscaster saying ‘yeah, and he’s looking to control the mind and that’s our jobs.’”

Sean O’Malley wants a rematch against Marlon Vera

The 27-year-old MMA fighter has just lost one of his 16 professional bouts in his career so far. That loss came against Ecuadorian fighter Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera back in August 2020. However, it wasn’t how ‘Sugar’ expected the fight to end.

During the fight, O’Malley injured his ankle and looked visibly uncomfortable. ‘Chito’ took advantage and landed elbow strikes. Referee Herb Dean stopped the fight and Vera won, but this wasn’t the end for O’Malley.


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The American fighter wants a rematch against the only opponent who saw his hand raised against ‘Sugar’. He wants to prove that the fight would have ended differently had he not gotten injured.

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During a recent podcast with Michael Bisping, O’Malley revealed his thoughts on the same.


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“Oh, 100 percent. That rematch is going to happen 100 percent. Yeah, I mean, I know Chito [Marlon Vera] thinks he won. I mean, he won the fight fair and square, but I also know at that level that’s just not how you want to end the fight.”

“In my eyes, in my mind, you know, in a lot of people’s mind now, I’m undefeated still.”

Whether the UFC puts the two fighters against each other is yet to be known. Although it might become a big rivalry, as Sean O’Malley expects it to be.


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What do you think about Sean O’Malley and Coach Tim Welch’s comments on Elon Musk and Twitter? Let us know in the comments section.



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