“He’s Scared of the Style Match-Up”- Colby Covington Reveals Conversation Details on Jorge Masvidal Fight

October 28, 2020 7:46 pm

Former interim welterweight champion Colby Covington sat down with Submission Radio and gave some much-needed clarity to fans. Chiefly, Covington shared some insight into the developments of a possible match-up against Jorge Masvidal. The friends-turned-foes are former training partners and roommates, which built up to an intense rivalry.

A grudge match between the two is big business and the UFC will be looking to make the fight happen. Additionally, the fight makes sense for the future of the welterweight division, as both fighters are highly ranked at 170-pounds.

Colby Covington: “He’s probably asking for more and that’s the hold up”

Covington gave an update as to the current situation of a booking against Jorge Masvidal. He broached the fact that Masvidal will need a hefty paycheck in order to step into the cage with him.

“They had told me that you know, he’s scared of the style match-up. He wants another one. He’s looking for something else. They’re gonna try to get him on board, they’re gonna offer him a lot of money’ cause that’s the only way he’s showing up if he gets a bunch of money to take this a** beating and losing paycheck. They just gotta get him on board and do some more convincing.

“I don’t know what his contract is and what he’s gonna make, but he’s probably asking for more and that’s the hold-up. We’ll see when things come to fruition. Hopefully, by the next month or two, the wheels start turning a little more and we get a little clarification of when the fights gonna be and when the fights gonna be.”

‘Chaos’ has a few demands of his own

Covington expressed a desire to compete against Jorge in an arena show. The UFC has solely focused on putting up shows with no fans during the pandemic era. However, a fight of this magnitude certainly would be bolstered by having fans in attendance.

“You know I proposed to them let’s do it in American Airlines Arena. Let’s do it in Miami. We both have big names in Miami, we’re both big draws down here. There’s only one king of Miami though, that’s me. So why not fight for that undisputed crown, the king of Miami, the MAGA train power, the red wave, let’s do it.

“The only way we can fight in Miami is if the fans can come back and the UFC can sell out the venue. Hopefully, restrictions lift and we can do it in Miami when fans come back, otherwise we’re gonna go to Vegas and I’ll beat his ass in the Apex.”

There is no doubt that the aforementioned scrap makes plenty of sense, both rankings and business-wise. The UFC could perhaps be waiting for restrictions to loosen up as the aforementioned clash warrants the presence of a live audience.

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