“His Little Twitter Fingers Going on the Weekends”: Despite Getting Brutally Snubbed by Conor McGregor for Justin Gaethje, Michael Chandler Believes the Fight Between the Two Is Still On

Published 08/02/2023, 11:02 AM EDT

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Conor McGregor, at a point in time, was the face of the UFC. He had a huge following back in the day when he was dropping big names. But when Conor McGregor walked away from the UFC with a broken leg, after suffering a loss at the hands of Dustin Poirier back in 2021, the fans were left wanting more..

After spending nearly two years away from the sport, McGregor was scheduled to return to the Octagon this year and fight his TUF rival Michael Chandler. Despite multiple warnings and intimations, the Irishman failed to join the USADA pool and missed the fight. Now that Justin Gaethje has won the BMF title at UFC 291, McGregor has changed objectives. He now wants to fight Gaethje for the BMF title and Michael Chandler is not too happy about this.

Michael Chandler believes fight vs. McGregor makes ‘too much sense’


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UFC Legends Matt Serra and Din Thomas recently interviewed Chandler. Serra, without wasting any time, asked the question that everyone was wondering about. He asked Chandler if he thought the match would happen, especially since McGregor seems to have dismissed the fight against him and is trying to incite Justin Gaethje for a BMF title match.

Yeah… the beautiful thing about mixed martial arts is it’s the what have you done for me lately business and everyone has a short-term memory and we all succumb to recency bias. So everyone’s like man, we just saw Justin Gaethje compete. He went out there and beat Dustin Poirier. Man we want to see him fight this guy.“, said Chandler, with a smile across his face. 

Chandler then addressed the fans who were hyping up the fight between McGregor and Gaethje and said, “Hey! Next week, there’s gonna be another guy that has a great showing at any weight class and they’re gonna want to see Conor fight him. Because Conor’s gonna… get his little Twitter fingers going on the weekends, every single time there’s a fight and insert himself into the conversation.“.

Addressing the original question, Chandler said, “I’m not really that worried about it, you know. I believe the fight is happening. The fight makes too much sense for it not to happen. I’m still the most entertaining guy on the damn roster. Everybody wants to see the greatest comeback in combat sports history, so… I think it’s gonna be me and Conor. That’s it.” 

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Michael Chandler seems to be pretty confident of the fact that the fight against McGregor is happening, despite McGregor openly calling out Gaethje and disregarding the fight against him.

Is Conor McGregor scared of Michael Chandler? TUF Whitewash too much to handle?


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Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler might not be fighting right this instant but the two have gotten the chance to test each other. At TUF 31 Team McGregor was steamrolled by Team Chandler. At one point, Chandler’s team was winning 7-0 and McGregor didn’t have a single victory to his name.

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Naturally, one thing led to another and UFC President Dana White found himself holding both the fighters at bay to prevent them from fighting each other, instead of coaching young talents.


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Is McGregor scared that upon his return, the fight against Chandler might be a repetition of the results of TUF 31? Now that Justin Gaethje has shunned all efforts from McGregor to get a fight out of him, will McGregor return and fight Michael Chandler?

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