How Did Dana White Get the Original Yakuza Painting Worth Millions? Know Everything About UFC CEO’s Expensive Artwork

Published 10/01/2023, 8:34 AM EDT

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Most UFC fans might know about UFC CEO Dana White’s love for gambling. He also revealed in a video that most casinos in Las Vegas won’t allow him on the table, since they can’t provide him with enough coins to start his bet with. But, there may be only a handful who know about White’s affinity toward historical artifacts.

The man behind the rise of the UFC has built an extravagant environment inside his personal office at the headquarters of the UFC. Apart from several state-of-the-art equipment, the 54-year-old’s chamber packs a touch of history with insanely valuable and fascinating antiques. So let’s dive a bit deeper to learn about these stunning collectibles adorning the office of the UFC boss.

One of Dana’s precious possessions is the splendid Iraqi painting of a Japanese Yakuza. It is undoubtedly one of the most stunning artifacts inside White’s office in Vegas. Although there’s no information about the hands that put out this superb piece of art, several sources reveal that it’s priced at an insane $1.2M. He also revealed the story of his possession in a 4-year-old YouTube video on the channel of the noted sports coverage house, ‘Barstool Sports’.


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White took the host, Robbie Fox, around his superbly spacious and decorated UFC office and showcased the various pieces he possessed. However, White revealed that the Yakuza painting wasn’t something that he possessed initially. Rather, it was a “gift” from one of his friends named Richie Sax. But, the 54-year-old got startled when Sax asked for $200,000 in return.

This made White exclaim in the video, “What kind of a gift is that?” But he didn’t hesitate to pay the amount and get the “gift” to himself. Dana didn’t feel that the NSFW situation in the Yakuza painting was fit to be put up for display. He said, “I put it in storage”. But he soon realized that the painting deserved a way better position than his storage.

The story behind this painting: How much is it worth?

The UFC head honcho got knocked out of his senses after he discussed the painting with the UFC’s usual London-based art dealer. During their time together in Japan, the UFC’s art dealer revealed his knowledge about White acquiring the coveted Yakuza painting. However, he was startled to know that White had put it into storage.

He informed White that it was worth a whopping $1.2M. The art dealer also supplied White with a few trivia about the painting which the UFC head honcho shared with the ‘Barstool Sports’ host. White revealed that the painting was made from a real photograph.


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He said, “The photographer’s name was Iraqi. That’s a real Japanese mafia. The tattoos tell the story of what family he’s from. And that’s his girlfriend”. This is when he revealed the price of the art piece and shocked his guest, the ‘Barstool Sports’ host.

Other expensive items in Dana White’s office

Well, there’s nothing in Dana White’s office that isn’t expensive. His office packs every facility required for his work and recreation with a number of state-of-the-art machines. However, he also mixes it up along with several touches of history through the stunning antiques in his office. Just beside White’s working table, there’s an antique AK-47 equipped with a bayonet. However, the magazine contains bullets filled with the commodities man has ever gone to war for. The bullets contain samples of oil, cocaine, gold, blood, jewels, religious symbols, and heroin seeds.

In an interview with JetSet Magazine, White said: “This is the most testosterone-filled office on earth probably. Yeah, that’s a gun that’s taped up in dollar bills. And basically what this piece of earth represents is, literally on the other side, on that clip, those are all real drugs in there. There’s cocaine, black tar heroine and a bunch of other actual legit drugs that are in that clip over there.

And it’s basically represents what war is really all about. And what happens as a result of war, you know, it’s all about money. And you know, the soldiers who go and fight, most of them become addicted to drugs or end up messed up somehow. So it’s pretty cool what this piece of art represents.”


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In 2016, White added several posters of Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali in his office. Some of them even had their great quotes in them. He also possesses a pair of samurai swords called The Katanas, which date back to the 1500s. White’s chamber also showcased the skull of a saber-tooth tiger, which he said he bought from a museum in 2009.

The UFC head honcho also might have an unknown love of rock music. His office also showcases signs that he probably has an affinity towards bassists and bass guitars. His entire office contains a collection of three noted bass guitars. Two of them were played by the ‘Californication’ composing noted ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ bassist Flea. The other one belonged to the vocalist-bassist of the Beastie Boys, Adam Yauch.


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In the next door, the UFC boss has a personal bar that is fully equipped with alcohol. The bar area is designed with plush leather seats. White’s personal bathroom comes with a massage table and shower. There is also more artwork inside the bathroom, a piece designed to look like a Marlborough cigarette packet which instead says ‘Morons’ and then a picture of the first-ever Victoria’s Secret model.

Well, it’s quite apparent that White believes in working in a facility that provides him with everything required to continue working. Maybe his office is the secret to his workaholism. But, would you also become a workaholic if you get to work in such an office?


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