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Charles Oliveira pulled out of his fight against Islam Makhachev and the UFC world naturally went wild. Quickly, reactions poured in and eventually, Oliveira had to open up about his reasons. The fighter had sustained a grave injury to his head that stopped him dead in his tracks.

The cut on Oliveira’s head was deep and could not be treated. At least not to the extent that would allow him to fight without a disadvantage. Now, Islam Makhachev has reacted to the move and his video is going viral. And fans did not hold back as they reacted to the Instagram post.

Islam Makhachev reacts to Charles Oliveira pulling out


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Makhachev became the reigning lightweight champion after snatching the title from Oliveira’s hands. On October 21, he was meant to fight ‘Do Bronx’ again for the title rematch. Of course, he had his investments in place. The training, the time he put in all of it for a fight that won’t happen. However, it looks like the fighter didn’t find it very unexpected.

“I’m not surprised when Oliveira pulled out because he don’t want this fight,” Makhachev said nonchalantly in his video. “Before the fight, he said, ‘I’m not gonna fight in Abu Dhabi’. I think UFC called him and said ‘Hey, Abu Dhabi or no title fight’. That’s why he take this fight, but he don’t want this fight. He knows my power, my skills. He don’t have something for me.”

Clearly, the fighter was innately prepared for Oliveira to pull out. Now, he will fight a different foe, and one whom he has met in the cage before. Makhachev previously fought the featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284 in February of this year.


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Volkanovski quickly replaced Oliveira on the main card. The two will butt heads again after what many considered a controversial first match. Their first bout ended with Makhachev winning with a decision. However, for fans, the fight was, and now they are up in arms again after Makhachev’s bold statement against ‘Do Bronx’.

Fans react to Makhachev’s outspoken claims

Fans were quick to react to the video. Many of them were furious about Makhachev’s accusations and his proud claims. Some even pointed out how his predecessor and coach Khabib Nurmagomedov has also pulled out of multiple bouts. Here are some of the best takes from the Instagram post.

“So when every time Khabib pulled out of the fights he didn’t want to face those fighters?”

“Charles had a nasty cut. Plus your coach khabid pulled out like 4-5 times during his career.”

“I can’t express how much I can’t stand this guy and Khabib”

Meanwhile, others had more interesting accusations against Makhachev himself.

“Islam doesn’t want to fight Volk”

“If a fighter trashes you for not fighting with an injury, that is disgraceful behavior.”

Others preferred to flame Oliveira and accused him of orchestrating the whole debacle.

“Totally cut him self on purpose”

“Charles: hey, headbutt me please, so I can get out of this fight lol”


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Finally, a fan sided with Oliveira and mentioned how they had their views changed overnight.

“I thought that too….until I seen he damn near lost a eye”

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As usual, fans of the UFC just don’t miss when it comes to entertaining comments! Accurate or not, the truth is we’ll never know what truly went down behind the scenes of UFC 294. For now, multiple cards have changed including the main and the co-main event. Which new fighter are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments.

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