“I Don’t Have Respect for This Kinda Man” – With Conor McGregor Fight Not in Sight, Michael Chandler Gets Berated for Nate Diaz Callout

Published 10/04/2023, 11:48 PM EDT

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It’s nothing new for combat fans to witness one fighter challenging another. On the contrary, such events are quite common. However, a recent callout from Michael Chandler to Nate Diaz has taken fans by surprise, as Chandler’s bold challenge caught them off guard and left them somewhat unnerved.

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Michael Chandler has been quite outspoken about his upcoming fights. The fighter has not set foot in the octagon since his defeat to Dustin Poirier, and his highly anticipated showdown with Conor McGregor appears to be shelved. As a result, ‘Iron Mike’ has issued a rather unsettling challenge to Nate Diaz for a fight.

Fans were irked by Michael Chandler’s bold call out to Nate Diaz


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Michael Chandler’s career in the world of combat sports has yet to yield any significant achievements, according to the opinions circulating within the fighting community. Currently, there is a heated debate as to whether Chandler is eyeing a title shot or seeking a lucrative showdown with Conor McGregor. However, the tide appears to be turning against Chandler, as it increasingly appears that he won’t secure a chance at the title, and his eagerly anticipated bout against Conor McGregor has been indefinitely postponed.

Dana White has shelved McGregor’s fight for now, leaving Chandler without an opponent in the division. With other fighters either on a break or preparing for their own fights, the situation has become quite desperate. In an unconventional move, Iron Mike has issued a unique challenge to former UFC fighter Nate Diaz for a potential showdown.


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Chandler while having a conversation with Ariel Helwani on his YouTube channel MMAfightingonsbn has stated “Nate Diaz is a real fighter. I’m a real fighter now. Obviously, people are gonna come out and throw shade at me for saying, ‘Hey, why would you even talk about him? You obviously don’t care about the title anymore,’ blah blah blah. But Diaz has always been a guy that I wanted to fight. Not because I didn’t like him, I just expect a hell out of them, and I think it’ll be a lot of fun. I’d love to get smacked by him and flipped off by him in a cage, and I think it’ll be fun.”


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The way he called out Nate Diaz didn’t sit well with the combat fans who took to the internet to express their opinion. Some of the comments of the fans are as follows.

New mythical fighter unlocked: Humiliation fetish Chandler

Basically he like to be humiliated by Nate 😂

chandler knows he’s never winning a UFC title, he’s accepted it. Just chasing money fights now.

truly i don’t have respect for this kinda Man who knows well that another Man (Nate) isint even Nate anymore it’s just Nate corps that’s remains and he wants to fight him he’s not even in the ufc tho he’s all about that easy fight big money thing i hope he’s getting that Conor fight and that Alcoholic knocks him out in the first round and he can have all that bag.

Chandler needs to show a little more back bone.. the dude stays letting Conor son him and then says things like this. Smh

Humiliation ritual

Chandler kinda freaky lol

Based on the fans’ reactions, it’s evident that Chandler’s bold callout to Diaz has left them feeling irked. Some argue that Chandler may have shifted his focus from chasing the title to pursuing financial gains exclusively. Nevertheless, with Chandler asserting that McGregor won’t return until UFC 300, it is interesting to witness the journey of his career.


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Michael Chandler anticipates a showdown with McGregor at UFC 300

During his conversation with Ariel Helwani, Michael Chandler made it clear that he’s uncertain about the fight’s timing, but he’s confident it will happen because McGregor is fully committed. Chandler stressed that there’s no chance McGregor will return without facing him; his comeback hinges on this showdown.

Chandler counted “ “Obviously, it makes a lot of sense that there is a very historic card [UFC 300] coming up with the UFC, I haven’t been told that is when it is going to be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is when it is. If it is, I got more and more time to prepare. I have never had this much time to prepare for one certain guy, one certain opponent. So, me and my team are training here in Nashville, and also when I go down to Florida are going to put together a game plan to knock this dude out in the first round or two.”


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Despite McGregor’s efforts to return to the octagon, there have been no significant updates on the matter, and with this year being fully stacked it seems that we have to wait for next year to witness McGregor in UFC again. What are your opinions on witnessing McGregor fight in UFC 300? Do tell us in the comments below.

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