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“I Don’t Know if He’s on Dr*gs?”: Dana White’s Overlooking of Past Falling Out With Conor McGregor Draws Harsh Reactions

Published 03/11/2023, 3:04 AM EST

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The UFC president, Dana White, and the UFC superstar, Conor McGregor, undoubtedly share a symbiotic relationship. The two stood stronger with each other when White was trying to build the UFC empire and McGregor was trying to make his name big in the promotion. By the time they were both done, they had become the two most successful people who had harvested money and power from the combat sports industry.

For the outsider, it seemed that their relationship had its own ups and downs, where both parties had disagreements and arguments. Dana White acknowledges that the Irishman has come a long way and has achieved all possible heights. White emphasized how most people change when they get hold of fame and money, but McGregor is no such man. In a recent post made by Mac Life, the UFC president talked about how ‘The Notorious” is a “great partner.”

Dana White has great words to say about his friendship with Conor McGregor


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 The recent Instagram post of ‘The Mac Life’ talked about White’s take on the friendship between him and McGregor. The 53-year-old said, “Conor is a great partner to work with. Conor and I have never had a problem. You think about this kid went from nobody knew who he was to one of the biggest superstars in all of sports. You’ve never really seen any real public blowouts with me and him. A lot of times when you get to that level of fame and money, it fucks everything up. That’s never happened with me and Conor. We’ve always been solid.

It was surprising to note that the Irishman liked the post.


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There is no doubt that White’s statement has made McGregor quite happy. However, fans were not ready to believe the words of the UFC president, as the two publicly spoke against each other when The Notorious leaked some of the private chats between him and White. This act from the Irishman enraged the president, which resulted in White publicly lashing out against the controversial athlete. The issue between the two escalated when McGregor called him a liar for claiming the Irishman turned down fights.

The UFC community believed that the huge drama between the two irreparably damaged their friendship. Here’s how fans reacted to Dana White’s recent statement.

One of the fans reminded him of the dolly incident that happened back in 2018.

“Dana 2018: we are not happy with him at all right now…”

Another fan reacted: “2023: we’ve never had problems. 2018: I don’t know if he’s on dr*gs?”

Another fan pointed out that the past issues between the two would just be a business plan.

“Everyone talking about the dolly thing… dana had to come out and say what he said to the public. Internally he was thinking that it was gunna be great for buissiness, and that shows in the promotion leading up the khabib fight.”


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One of the Instagram users commented: “Erm.. im pretty sure they had a falling out.. back when certain messages was leaked online”

Another fan stated that White has a terrible memory: “I mean, the dolly incident, the asking for the company piece, leaking his DMs??? Somebody haves a terrible memory”

A fan, however, had a different opinion. “Hate him or love him, he’s a honorable mention…”

One of the Instagram users, like many, reminded the UFC boss of the dolly incident. “Even when he threw a dolly at ur bus window? F*cked up the card and everything”


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White and McGregor benefit from each other

McGregor was indeed the rarest of the rare athletes who knew how to attract a lot of eyeballs. Fans all over the world instantly loved him for his fighting, trash talk, and antics. From the very beginning of his UFC career, McGregor started to gain popularity, and soon he attained superstardom.

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This resulted in McGregor forming friendships with the top-tier business heads in combat sports. Dana White is one of them. One proof that the two now share a great friendship is McGregor’s comeback to the UFC, first as a coach at TUF and then to lock horns with Michael Chandler in the octagon.


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