“I Got To Fix My Life – It’s Beautiful” – Joe Rogan Reveals How Action Bronson Showed “There’s a Way Out” With His Determination

Published 12/15/2022, 8:30 AM EST

Rogan’s discussions on health and fitness on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ is quite popular. And with good reason. Joe Rogan is a strong supporter of leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. In addition, he has practiced martial arts for a very long period and has earned black belts in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo. Therefore, it makes sense that he would have a ton of workout-related stories to tell about it. In a recent episode, the UFC commentator shared one such tale with Stavros Halkias, a fellow stand-up comedian who was the guest on the podcast. The UFC commentator shared his workout with the multifaceted personality, Action Bronson.

The 55-year-old lauded Bronson for his dedication to change his life for good as soon as he became a father and how committed he is to that pursuit.


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Joe Rogan talked about working out with Action Bronson

During the latest episode of the JRE, the guest Stavros Halkias talked about his pursuit of making healthy life choices from now on and making the necessary changes in his lifestyle in that regard. Following the discussion, Joe Rogan asked Halkias whether he followed Action Bronson. To which, Halkias enthusiastically responded, “I f*****g love that Action Bronson”. Which was further followed by an incident the UFC commentator recalled when he worked out with Action Bronson.

The 55-year-old further talked about what it was like to work out with him and how he commits to it a hundred percent. Rogan said, “My man. Action Bronson is the sh*t. I worked out with Action Bronson when he was here. When he was in town to do my podcast. We went and worked out in the gym. That dude gets after it. We did a kettlebell workout under John Wolfe and he f*****g gets after it every day, that guy does.”

He continued, “And he was so much bigger than you. He was so big and so unhealthy. And he got a kid, and he’s like, ‘I got to fix my life’- it’s beautiful.”

Rogan discusses the many sides of Action Bronson

As the conversation proceeded, Joe Rogan pulled up a video of Action Bronson competing in pro-wrestling. An impressed Rogan exclaimed, “What is he doing, Pro Wrestling now? He’s jacked now, dude. He used to be a big guy, now he’s a big jacked guy.” Adding to that, Stavros Halkias mentioned his contribution to the plus-size community.


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“He did a lot for the plus-size community.” Responding to which Joe Rogan said, “Well, he showed you, there’s a way out. And you could become healthy. So much healthier.”


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On a professional front, Action Bronson wears many hats. He is a rapper, songwriter, wrestler, a TV personality, and businessman altogether. Famously, he underwent a drastic physical transformation, losing close to 160 pounds, in an effort to improve his health and usher in a positive change in his life.


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He does serve as an inspiration for many people who want to make similar changes in their own life. What are your thoughts on Action Bronson? Tell us in the comments section below.



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