“I Have and Will Continue to Expose the Corrupt…”- Gordon Ryan Attacks ‘Nicky Fraud’ With Fresh Set of Allegations

Published 02/27/2023, 4:00 PM EST

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After Felipe Pena’s latest win over Nick Rodriguez, the BJJ drama just continued to develop more as Gordon Ryan came out yet again attacking Rodriguez over greasing allegations. Ryan had brought this issue up multiple times in the past as well, but this time around he went into depth, accusing his former teammate of greasing himself before bouts multiple times in his career. Interestingly, this comes right after Ryan pulled out of his bout against Pena due to health concerns, and Rodriguez had to step in as a late replacement for him.

The five-time ADCC champion even urged other grapplers to be very wary of the 26-year-old American’s tactics, even asking them to wear long sleeves to neagte the effects of greasing, in case they ever faced him.

Gordon Ryan accuses Nick Rodriguez of greasing yet again


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Pointing out his former team mate’s alleged dirty tactics, Ryan noted how Pena too complained about the same issue following his bout. The 27-year-old then went on to claim that he would continue to expose such activities around the sport.

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“It’s ironic how Pena was making parody videos making fun of me complaining about grease, then spent 30 minutes and his post-match interview complaining about grease Imao. I said it from day 1, I’m a*****e, not a liar. I have and will continue to expose the corrupt and immoral scum that surrounds this sport that I, and unfortunately high level investors and normal people have to deal with on a daily basis.” wrote the 27-year-old on his social media post.


Alleging Rodriguez of greasing throughout many of his fights, Ryan then explained his experiences fighting the B Team grappler.

“I wore a long sleeve rash guard specifically only for the match against him at ADCC because I was worried about greasing, and I wasn’t allowed to wear a long sleeve rash guard for FPI because they were custom-sponsored Venum rash guards.” explained Ryan.

Ryan urges grapplers to be wary of competing against Rodriguez 

He then went on to urge other grapplers also to take certain measures when facing Rodriguez.


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 “I urge everyone who competes against nicky fraud from now on to put a long sleeve and spat rule in the contract with a “no roll up rule” so he must wear spats and long sleeves that he isn’t allowed to roll up in the match.” He continued to write that an added  “75% purse dedication and transfer to the other athlete ” should also bedone if he was caught greasing.


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Ultimately, despite Nick Rodriguez having denied such allegations earlier, it looks like Ryan does not want to give away even an inch in his attacks against his opponents. Since he is quite infamous for his rants and call outs, this new update from him definitely wouldn’t have surprised too many grappling fans.

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