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“I Haven’t Been to a Mall in 10 Years”: Amid Fighters Pay Drama, $500,000,000 Worth Dana White Claims on Spending $100,000 Just on Shoes Previous Year

Published 07/05/2023, 9:55 AM EDT

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While many like to buy things for themselves at the mall, UFC president Dana White has a different take on shopping. During a recent conversation with Joe La Puma from ‘Complex Closets’, White revealed a secret that not many knew.

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Instead of going on a shopping spree, the UFC boss revealed that he hired a personal shopper, who would buy every single thing for him. When La Puma further enquired how White managed his money since someone else did his shopping, the UFC boss dropped a huge bombshell. The host as well as the fans were left with dropping jaws when White disclosed the amount he had to spend on a pair of shoes that his personal shopper bought for him. 

Dana White reveals how he does his shopping


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Recently, ‘Complex Closets’ featured White, as he gave La Puma a walkthrough through his closet. However, there was one fact that intrigued the host. He asked White to enunciate on the fact that he did not buy a single thing present in his closet.

White replied, “Yeah, my personal shopper literally buys everything for me, socks… I mean, I haven’t been to a mall in probably 10 years. I don’t do any of that stuff, I don’t shop online, I don’t do… ” He further added, “I have a personal shopper who literally buys everything for me. Everything. Socks, shoes, underwear, T-shirts, jeans, you name it.” 


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While having a personal shopper seemed a bit amusing to La Puma, he couldn’t help but worry about the expenses. But the response he got was even more shocking. The $500 million net worth White disclosed the amount his personal shopper once spent on shoes. He said, “So every year, you know. Last year, I spent over a $100,000 just on shoes.”

UFC to reduce fighter expenses

Although White spent a ginormous amount on shoes, talks about the UFC dropping the fighter expenses by $32.8 million per year, from 2022 to 2021. Josh S. Nash shared a video on Twitter that showed the extrapolated data of the percentage earned by the fighters.


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Nash estimated that out of a total revenue of $1.14 billion, the fighters received only 13%. However, this is not the first time people have dissed White for low fighter pay.


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What do you think of White’s closet? Do you think having a personal shopper is worthwhile? Let us know in the comments down below.

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