“I Hope for a…”: Conor McGregor Shares What He Hopes for His Future in the MMA World

Published 03/15/2023, 3:35 AM EDT

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The former two-division UFC champion, Conor McGregor has stayed out of the Octagon for a couple of years now. He suffered a gruesome leg injury the last time he squared off inside the cage against Dustin Poirier. However, the ‘Mystic Mac’ didn’t stay dormant. He continued his training as his leg healed. Finally, he made his return to the UFC as a coach for TUF 31, against Michael Chandler

Although the Irishman was out of action since UFC 264, his relevancy did not go down. Moreover, in a recent talk with Robbie Fox in his talk show, My Mom’s Basement, ‘The Notorious’ opened up about his future plans in the organization.

Conor McGregor talks about the future of his career


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The recent episode of the podcast My Mom’s Basement featured the Irish sensation on the set. Although the conversation included a number of topics, one quote about the fighter’s hope for the future caught every fan’s attention. McGregor said that he hoped to fight a hundred more bouts in his MMA career. Additionally, the Dubliner revealed that he hoped for consistency. 

McGregor said, “And what do I hope for in this world? Robbie, I hope for a hundred fights, I hope for a hundred more fights. I hope for consistency. I’m working for consistency. I’ve been getting this on-off on-off nonsense for too long. It’s via fight politics, via injuries, via just life, you know. It does happen… It’s God’s plan. It’s all God. So, I accept and understand it.” 

Furthermore, the former UFC ‘double champion’ claimed that he has some pretty exciting fights in the future. To add up to the hype, he talked about his rivalries, as well. Finally, he said, “There’s loads of bouts I can have and I’m excited for every single one of them. And let’s see. Please God, we make it happen.”

But first, McGregor has to go through this man…

Undeniably, McGregor is known for his ability to form intense rivalries with his opponents. However, his rivalry with Chandler in the TUF 31 has seemingly shifted a notch higher. Nevertheless, the two fighters have been giving their all as coaches for The Ultimate Fighter.


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In an interview with The Mac Life’s Oscar Willis, Chandler revealed that he wanted to beat McGregor in every single fight. He wanted to be a better coach than the ‘Mystic Mac’. He said, “I want to beat him in every single fight, want to beat him in the competition, want to be a better coach than him, I want to be better at everything and he wants to be the exact same thing. Nevertheless, the world waits in anticipation for the two to land against each other inside the Octagon.


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