“I Pull the F**ker Back…”- UFC’s Kevin Holland Describes How He Stopped the Shooter at the Houston Restaurant

Published 03/17/2022, 7:18 AM EDT

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When the news broke out that UFC fighter Kevin Holland subdued a man who opened fire in a sushi restaurant, everyone was shocked. Many also praised him for thinking on the spot. Holland appeared on Ariel Helwani’s show and described the entire situation.

Before asking questions, Helwani stood up and clapped for Holland’s heroic act. Post this, the fighter explained how he was at a sushi place with his uncle and having a good time. I finish my food. I usually finish my food first. I’m a fast eater. … I’m on my second liquor, Ariel, I’m having a good time…”


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“I got me some Hennessy and some coke… there was a party behind us. Birthday party. So when I heard the bang originally, I’m like ‘oh, that’s a champagne bottle’… I’m was thinking my people having a good time… So I turn to look behind and people are running, glass is breaking, you know what I mean? I am like ‘okay, that’s not a champagne bottle. That’s a gunshot.’” – said Holland.

Holland described how everyone got low on the ground. He further also explained how a guy got hold of the gunman.

“I look to the side. The guy’s holding the guy with the gun, you know, and the gun’s pointing just directly towards the back of the spot right where we’re sitting at and everything. And I’m like ‘that guy’s safe but we’re not’.

Holland detailed how he took a chair with him, because he thought it would be handy. He also explained how he wrestled the gun out of the man’s hand.

“I pull the f**ker back, put him in a rear-naked choke…”

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Kevin Holland: More on the incident

The fighter also assisted the officers before the gunman was handcuffed and taken away. Apart from all of this, the athlete also spoke about the person who first grabbed the man with the gun. His action helped ensured that no one was hurt. Therefore, Holland wishes to thank him by getting him tickets for UFC fights.


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However, this is not the first time something crazy has occurred around Holland. Previously, he was also involved in stopping a carjacking in Texas.

On the UFC front, the fighter is coming off a recent win against Alex Oliveira at UFC 272. The fighter won through a second-round TKO. With so much going around Holland, his future fights will surely be interesting.


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