“I Will Beat This Cancer”: TUF 1 Veteran Mick Swick Provides Health Update

Published 01/16/2023, 1:30 PM EST

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Former UFC middleweight Mike Swick is fighting the toughest and most aggressive battle of his life. Swick revealed his cancer diagnosis on his Instagram account on February 16, 2022. He also gave a thorough update on his medical treatment and diet.

For the fans, it was terrible news, but Swick’s positive outlook on the disease is winning them over. Swick saw to it that he often updated his social media followers on his health. Now, it is his post about the new year that proves his optimistic nature more than ever.

Mike Swick’s update to the fans


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Swick wrote on his Twitter handle, “For those of you conquerors out there who are having a bit of trouble finding some motivation…At 43, 2022 was one of the most successful years of my life. It was also one of the happiest years of my life. I was never more hungry, motivated and ready to do better.

For his supporters, learning that Swick spent the New Year in the hospital was disheartening. However, his words, which were based on his experiences, were quite inspirational.

Swick further stated that he is not concerned about being in the hospital in his message to his followers. However, he acknowledges that because it was a Sunday, and he had a stressful day. As his entire team was on leave, he had nearly nothing to do. Swick also spoke of his desire to return to Phuket and his eagerness for tomorrow.

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The American fighter closes his statement on a powerfully motivating note. “I will beat this cancer. I will make 2023 the best year of my life. I will not stress about the negative things that have not or may not happen,” he said. Towards the end, he asks his followers if they are as hungry as him.

The Ultimate Fighter

Swick was a participant in the first season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. Swick had a turbulent time when he joined the light heavyweight division. Even though he joined with his teammate Chris Leben, the relationship between the two turned quite dramatic in the reality show. When Leben gave more importance to his victories over Swick’s, things began to get a little troublesome. The situation worsened when Leben insisted Swick to talk about his victories in public. Swick faced his first opponent in the reality show in the semi-finals. Later, he was put out of the competition when he lost the fight against Stephen Bonnar.


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He later entered the UFC, where he defeated Gideon Ray. He won the fight via first round knockout under 22 seconds. It was during this game that he received the nickname “Quick” from UFC announcer Mike Goldberg. His fans are now hoping that Swick has a quick win in this battle too.

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