“I’m Shi**ting on This List” – Nate Diaz Blasts Daniel Cormier Over Top Boxers in MMA List

Published 11/20/2021, 12:09 PM EST

Retired UFC fighter Daniel Cormier managed to miff several fighters at once. Cormier and his co-host at the “RC and DC” shared a list of their top five boxers in mixed martial arts. Their choice left several great fighters annoyed. Cormier’s list included James Toney, Max Holloway, Petr Yan, Conor McGregor, and Junior Dos Santos.


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Nate Diaz and Rafael dos Anjos were missing from Cormier as well as Ryan Clark’s list. The fighters did not take this lightly and called both of them out. In the comment section, Diaz and Dos Anjos made sure to let it be known that they were not happy.

Dos Anjos commented, “I’m surprised DC didn’t put Khabib and Islam on his list”.


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Cormier has been accused of being biased towards fighters like Khabib, Islam, and Holloway. Hence, it looks like Dos Anjos made sure to point it out.



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Diaz commented, “Watchu know about boxing dc I’m shi**ing on this list”.

Further, many people, including Eryk Anders, questioned Cormier’s decision of placing James Toney at the number 1 position on the list. While Toney was a great boxer, he was not able to integrate it with MMA. During his only MMA fight at UFC 118, he was destroyed by Randy Couture. Thus, many fans and UFC fighters felt that the list was not well made.

Many fans felt that fighters like Dustin Poirier, Nate Diaz, and Anderson Silva should have been mentioned on the list.

Was Daniel Cormier’s list of top 5 MMA boxers biased?

Cormier has a great friendship with several UFC fighters. Hence, there is always a possibility of slipping up and mentioning one’s own favorite fighters or being biased.


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Cormier shares a good relationship with Yan and Holloway. However, both are surely great boxers.


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McGregor too is considered a great boxer. But Cormier and ‘Notorious’ have had a rocky relationship in the past. It seems that Cormier really does consider McGregor to be one of the best boxers and hence, mentioned him on the list.

Similarly, Junior Dos Santos is one of the best boxers and deserves to be mentioned. However, several fans remain confused about James Toney being mentioned, plus the positioning of the fighters seems questionable to many fans. Perhaps Cormier clarifying his logic behind constructing the list might help.


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What do you think about Daniel Cormier’s list of top 5 boxers in MMA? Which fighter should he have also mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.

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