“Instead of a Drip…” – Joe Rogan Let’s Out ‘Workaround’ From IV Drug Testing While Narrating the “Craziest Weight Cut” He’s Ever Heard

Published 01/17/2024, 1:48 AM EST

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Joe Rogan is an MMA pundit and perhaps the one person who can tell you how to work around the USADA’s IV rule. It’s 2024 now and the USADA’s reign as the UFC’s drug testing agency is over. Now, the promotion has partnered up with Drug Free Sport International instead. However, IVs still remain a controversial topic.

Rogan, in a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, recalled an incident where he found out about an unnamed athlete who used an IV to cut their weight in a way that may sound unbelievable to many. He also spoke of a way that fighters can work around the whole rule.

Joe Rogan knows the way fighters thwart the USADA


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The USADA was an organization that wasn’t held in the highest regard by many. This includes Joe Rogan, who was blamed by the organization for their fateful exit from the UFC. Either way, Rogan holds his ground and in a recent conversation with the UFC welterweight, Sean Brady, he spoke about IVs.

IVs are a way of injecting PEDs into the body. It can also help remove liquids and inject them and is often cited as a common source of drug abuse. However, according to the commentator, there is a way to cheat the IV test.

“. . . the workaround would be if you got all the liquid into a glass vial.” said Rogan on episode #152 of the JRE MMA Show. “And then you injected the liquid back into someone’s body slowly. And instead of a drip, like with a hose, you’re just going straight from a glass vial.”

This is an interesting observation coming from someone who has been in the industry for a long time. Rogan even went on to talk about an insane weight cut, where the unnamed athlete used a rather unconventional method. The unconventional method? Removing blood from their body!


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Rogan recalls an insane story

Joe Rogan has seen a lot, and it shows. After Rogan piqued Sean Brady’s interest with his vial idea, he also told him about a weight cut method that would involve removing blood from the athlete’s body. This would help them weight faster, and then, once the required weight was achieved, the blood could be placed right back.

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“The craziest weight cut I had ever heard.” Said Rogan. “Someone was cutting weight by getting their blood removed. So they’re getting their blood pulled from their body. They were chilling it and then putting it back into their body.” Made you go ‘yikes!’ didn’t it? Well, perhaps there are some things only athletes can pull off. What do you think about this method of cheating drug tests? Does it surprise you?


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