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Israel Adesanya Shares Why He Felt Bad Buying the McLaren 720s

Published 02/21/2022, 8:15 AM EST

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Israel Adesanya is one of the biggest names in all of MMA right now. Being the UFC middleweight champion, ranked number two on the pound for pound list, headlining exciting fights, and becoming the next money face in the UFC after Conor McGregor definitely has its own perks. 

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The UFC likes to reward fighters who are natural performers and when we say rewards, we mean money. And from all the things that money can buy, Israel Adesanya bought the McLaren 720S. 


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Why buying the McLaren 720S made Stylebender feel bad

Buying the best things that money can afford can sometimes have a negative effect on people as well. Usually, it’s assumed that it is a happy occasion that propagates positivity. 

Still, Stylebender recently admitted in an interview as to why buying the Mclaren 720S had a sense of melancholy to it. 


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“I drive it to the gym, and I just like called some of my just a few training partners like, bro come look at this…They know the work I put in, and there’s a lot of people who work harder than me in the gym, so I just, I wasn’t trying to consciously, but subconsciously I guess I was just trying to show my look.” 

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Adesanya further added, “It’s part of life. Not everyone’s gonna be happy for you, and that’s okay. It has to do with them, and what they’re feeling inside, so I just heard a few rumblings over the next day actually about like, ‘you know, oh must be nice,’ you know this, and that right… and it just made me feel shit because I’m like, man I wouldn’t expect someone like that person to be talking like that about me. I thought it was a happy thing, and that’s what… I didn’t drive the car for a week just because I felt bad because from what I heard….”

Israel Adesanya and his ‘Kurama’ Mclaren 720

As we all know, Stylebender is an avid anime fan. He took a serious liking to Japanese anime such as Dragon Ball Z and Naruto early on. Because of these interests, he has included a lot of these in his styles and mannerisms. 


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Naruto being one of his all-time favorite animes made its way into his possessions as well. Adesanya named his brand new Mclaren 720S after ‘Kurama,’ an ancient spirit demon fox in the anime. 

Owing to the color of orange that both ‘Kurama’ and the Mclaren 720S share, Stylebender found it perfect to name it after the fictional entity. 


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Despite the Range Rover and the Nissan that Adesanya owns, the Mclaren 720S breezes past the other two in terms of price and appeal. 

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