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Sean Strickland has landed in trouble with the fans, and it shows. Perhaps it’s a rollercoaster of emotions whenever UFC fans witness ‘Tarzan’ on the camera or a microphone. First, fans flamed Ian Garry alongside the middleweight champion. Next, they stood by his side when he broke down on Theo Von’s podcast. And now, he’s being skewered by the fandom.

So what happened now? Strickland is a pot-stirring machine if there ever was one. And it looks like he hasn’t forgotten his former rival and opponent, Israel Adesanya. Much credit to the former champ himself because ‘Izzy’ is difficult to forget. Here’s how Strickland recalled the fighter who’s on a break.

Israel Adesanya recalled in foul manner by Sean Strickland


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If there was one word to describe Sean Strickland, it would be ‘blunt’. Because the middleweight champion doesn’t mince his words and ways of expression. Before the Adesanya matchup, he went viral for accusing Adesanya of mishandling his pet.

The accusations were probably because of a few videos of Adesanya mishandling his dog in a way that can be termed controversial, at the least. So, in a recent interview, Strickland casually dragged in the same issue while talking about winning and losing.

“. . . at some point we all lose, you know.” Said Strickland. “And you can be like ‘Izzy’, laying in a bathtub of flower petals and you can have an entourage, people following you around, but at some point, someone’s going to make fun of you for having s*x with your dog and then you’re going to f*cking crumble as a human being and get a DUI.”


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He also managed to bring up the former champion’s DUI charge that landed him in trouble with authorities in New Zealand. Fans were quick to call Strickland out for bringing up the ‘Stylebender’s’ weak moments when he had one himself quite recently.

Is Strickland just making fun or being a hypocrite?

Many could go on and say that Strickland was casually bringing out the humor in the situation. However, some fans felt like he was being a hypocrite for going at Adesanya unnecessarily. Here are some of the best reactions from the Instagram post.

“till someone mentions ur dad and breaks u down emotionally and u go crying on a podcast”

Many fans were quick to bring up Strickland’s appearance on This Past Week with Theo Von.

“And this is the same dude who will cry about dricus”

While some fans felt Dricus Du Plessis traumatized ‘Tarzan’, others focused more on the champ himself.

“When he’s constantly yapping about problems of other people he thinks he’s tough and cool and when people say something about his problems he cries like a little child that he is inside”


Yet others believed the shots were unnecessary.

“There he is again taking unnecessary shots at people who aren’t even there to defend themselves all for him to break down and cry when someone attacks him back.”

These fans mentioned the fighter’s traumatic past.

“But you cried when someone mentions your trauma ?”


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“All fun and games til someone mentions your pass trauma”

Finally, one fan labeled him.

“Damn this guy is mad cringe”


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Fans are not entirely too happy with Strickland’s behavior in this interview. With his bout against Dricus Du Plessis coming up, perhaps the champion is a bit heated. Either way, fans are not wrong when they claim that bringing up ‘Izzy’ was just not required. What do you think about the whole ordeal? Let us know in the comments.

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