“It Hurts My Feelings” – Days After Saying It Doesn’t Make Him “Mad,” Joe Rogan Changes Tune on Bud Light – Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

Published 04/21/2023, 12:56 PM EDT

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Controversies have been roaming around Bud Light ever since their partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Following all the drama, UFC commentator Joe Rogan has now expressed his disappointment with the new “pro-America” commercial. Bud Light is a beer brand that’s available in every single bar in the United States, and it has become highly successful over time. It was able to please people in every category. However, things started to go downhill ever since the trans woman, Mulvaney, shared a video on social media.

In the video, she mentioned that the brewing giant Anheuser-Busch InBev, which owns Bud Light, has gifted her a Bud Light can with her face on it. The gesture was to celebrate the 365 days of her gender transition. American conservatives did not take well to the viral video. They boycotted the beer by labeling it a “trans beer.” The UFC commentator called the whole issue “goofy”. In the recent episode, there was a change in Rogan’s tone. Now the pro-America ad is hurting Rogan’s feelings.

Joe Rogan’s change in opinion


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In the #1972 episode of JRE, Rogan sat with Jim Breuer. The two discussed a lot about stand-up comedy, but in between, they shared their thoughts on Bud Light’s new commercial. Rogan said, It’s like the f**king dumbest pro-America rah-rah. Like, we don’t know who you really are, now. There’s like interviews with the lady who is the head of Bud Light talking about why they did it and about the old sort of frat culture attached to Bud Light dismissing the people, like the humor of the people that like Bud Light.”



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Rogan added, “And so they’re gonna change that with this crazy attention wh*re on day 365 of being a woman. It’s so stupid and cliche. It f**king — it hurts my feelings. It’s so dumb. This is a company in deep sh*t, bro.This was a total shift in Rogan’s view of the matter.

The UFC commentator’s previous stand


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 On the 1969 episode of JRE, Rogan was talking with the stand-up comic Sam Tallent. During the show, both of them opened a can of Bud Light and drank. Later, they joked about being “allies.” Rogan took the entire controversy as a silly matter. He felt the conservatives are just giving free advertisement to the beer brand. The UFC commentator made it clear that he was not “mad” about the whole drama.

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He also added, “What they’re doing is just spreading the brand to an extra group of people. Why, if something is good, do you give a f**k who’s got it?” However, things took a different direction in the #1972 episode.


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