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“It’s Going to Get Wrapped in My Waist”: Reflecting on Impressive 12 Year Career in UFC, Dustin Poirier Dismisses Justin Gaethje’s Controversial Claim

Published 06/02/2023, 12:45 AM EDT

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UFC has spawned yet another electrifying pay-per-view matchup – Justin Gaethje vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC’s BMF title fight. For those who don’t know, BMF refers to the ‘Baddest Motherf*cker’ title fight. This title, originally suggested in jest by superstar Nate Diaz, became a reality at UFC 244 with Diaz and Jorge Masvidal as the first contenders. Jorge Masvidal won the bout by medical stoppage.

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Justin recently sparked a debate when he said in an interview that he initially didn’t see the value in being a “BMF” champion. However, he later took it back and acknowledged it – in terms of the ‘kind of money it makes.’ Retorting to this, in a recent interview with MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn, ‘The Diamond’ gave his stance on the BMF title and its authenticity. And Dustin had a lot to say.

Dustin Poirier’s journey: from New Year’s Day debut to UFC success


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When Bohn asked Dustin if he shared Gaethje’s view on the BMF title – Poirier dismissed all such notions. He said he was happy with his current contract and his positive relationship with the UFC.

He further added, “I’m not a guy complaining about fighter pay. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at and everything I’ve accomplished in the sport. UFC has given me good opportunities and I’ve been through so many contracts with the company.


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Reflecting on his journey, He showed his gratitude for the opportunities he has received. Reminiscing his first fight in the UFC back in 2011, he stated, “My first fight in the UFC was New Year’s Day of 2011…so I had to grind my way up you know to where I’m at now
and I don’t think the BMF is stupid man.”

And with these last few words, Dustin totally swept away Gaethje’s views. Oozing with confidence, he declared the ultimate challenge to Gaethje’s opinion of the BMF title, saying,

“I like it and it’s going to get wrapped in my waist.”

Gaethje’s U-turn: Seeing the business value of the BMF title


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Justin Gaethje aka ‘The Highlight’ is infamous for his straightforward responses, and his recent interview was no different. When it came to the rematch with Poirier, Gaethje confessed that he initially turned down the offer for a five-round fight. The UFC reached out to him, asking if he wanted to face Poirier on July 29th in a five-round bout. Gaethje’s response was clear: “F—k that, I don’t want to fight for five rounds if I don’t have to.” 

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Initially, like many others, Gaethje didn’t see the value in becoming a “BMF” champion. He thought it was stupid, just like when Masvidal and Diaz fought for it. However, from a business standpoint, he started to make sense of it. While his view differs from others, Gaethje acknowledges that the title fight provides fighters with yet another opportunity to win and earn pay-per-view points.


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Gaethje believes that critics who consider it stupid, fail to recognize that the UFC is throwing a bone at fighters by creating such titles. It may have taken some convincing, but Gaethje now sees the opportunity as something worth pursuing.

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