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“It’s Starting to F*ck With Us”: Joe Rogan Left in Utter Disbelief as “Scientists” Wage War on Eggs

Published 01/26/2023, 2:09 AM EST

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Joe Rogan can talk about anything with anyone. The UFC commentator on his podcast channel or his social media accounts will share his insights on any random topic available. Given his comedy background, Rogan might also share the insight with a comedic angle. This time the UFC commentator has re-shared a post on science. Yes, the former ‘Fear Factor’ host was in utter disbelief at the new research that scientists have found related to eggs. He took to Instagram to share the news that shocked him.

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Joe Rogan is shocked at knowing the piece of news

Joe Rogan isn’t shy to speak his mind online. The controversial podcaster has time and again been vocal about a variety of issues in society and also at his former organizations. Moreover, he has also gotten into trouble regarding his opinions. But these troubles haven’t stopped the UFC commentator one bit. He shared a news piece on scientists saying that eggs can cause death owing to the chemical ‘choline’ present in them.


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To this, the controversial commentator said in his Instagram caption, “This is either some black belt level trolling, or the AI has gone sentient and it’s starting to f*ck with us.”


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A post shared by Joe Rogan (@joerogan)

The UFC commentator is perhaps bewildered as scientists wage war on eggs. However, most won’t be speaking about the harmful effects caused by vaccines and other chemicals.

Rogan shares post bashing scientists over the research on eggs killing humans

The UFC commentator had shared the post, which explained the ridiculousness of the research. The post was initially shared by Robb Wolf which read, “these researchers say it’s choline in eggs that’s the problem, even though most folks don’t get remotely enough, these smarty pants insist it’ll turn you arteries into a mile long twizzler because the choline gets converted into the science stuff called TMAO, and TMAO is supposed to REALLY get that clotting cascade kicked off!” In a long caption, the biochemist added.


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Furthermore, the scientist stated, “Want to know another weird detail? Fish delivers massively larger amounts of TMAO than eggs of meat, but it’s only eggs and meat that these scientists blame for TMAO! Wacky. Clearly a fair number of folks are having some serious clotting issues, but I’m pretty sure something changed with eggs in the past 2 years.”

Several people in the comment section discussed the matter, while many others resorted to cracking jokes.


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