“Jamie F**ked Up”- Fans React as Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson’s JRE Episode Is Deleted in Minutes

Published 04/19/2024, 9:35 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan seems to have made a blunder. The 56-year-old recently released a new episode of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast, which featured former FOX news anchor, Tucker Carlson. But fans were left confused because the episode was removed just minutes after his production team posted it on YouTube. It seems the UFC commentator’s team made an error. However, what exactly went wrong is not known.

The episode may not have been scheduled for release when they posted it, prompting the production team to swiftly remove the episode before viewers got hold of it prematurely. But this is just a speculation. The deletion caused many fans to come out on social media and express their confusion about it.

Regardless, the full episode with Tucker Carlson (#2138) is available on Spotify and YouTube. Several big names across different walks of life have appeared as guests on the multi-million-dollar JRE podcast. After hosting personalities like Elon Musk, and Edward Snowden, among many others in the past, American media personality Tucker Carlson’s appearance was surprising for many. After all, Joe Rogan earlier declined the guest.


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Remember how Carlson was shown the way out from Fox Corp because of alleged toxicity and white supremacist ideologies? Well, his team then reached out to Rogan because they were of the opinion that the JRE would be the best place for Carlson to share his side. But the podcaster simply wouldn’t respond.

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“They went through producers, his close colleagues, all the right people, and got absolutely no response. This has been going on for weeks and weeks. Even Rogan’s friends are starting to ask, what is he doing?” an unnamed source told ‘DailyMail’ in June 2023.

However, coming back to the #2138 episode mishap, a user on Reddit posted a snap of the video, presumably from a smartphone. This led to fans discussing and giving their take regarding the reason behind taking down the Tucker Carlson episode.

Fans claim Joe Rogan’s production team messed up the episode’s release

The Reddit user by the name ‘LandoTheLadle’ posted the snap of the video before its deletion, believing that the producer of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’, Jamie Vernon, may have had something to do with the untimely release and deletion of the Tucker Carlson episode. The user captioned his post as, “Jamie f***ed up. Should be a good one when it actually drops tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, one fan asked ‘LandoTheLadle’ if they watched the video, but the prompt deletion of the video made it difficult for them to get a proper glimpse of the episode. They added, “Nah. Lasted a minute if even that.”


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On the other hand, one Redditor seemed to have an idea of what the official release date was as they commented, “They dropped it at 10 pm on accident. Supposed to be at 10 am tomorrow.” Moreover, another fan mentioned that they were surprised to find the notification of the video being posted on YouTube by claiming, “Ok, so I wasn’t crazy when I clicked the notification on my phone and then it wasn’t there.”

Whatever the case may be, the fans seem to be as eager as ever to watch this episode of the JRE podcast. Given that Joe Rogan is open to any kind of discussion and Tucker Carlson is one of the most followed American news media personalities, they are hoping for an interesting conversation between the two. One fan commented, “Oh boy, can’t wait to see these two politically middle-of-the-road regular guys break down current events for the everyman!”

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Some fans, meanwhile, had their theories as to what could be the reason behind the video deletion. A Redditor asked, “Early release or copyright problems?” Nevertheless, most JRE viewers are looking to see the comradery between Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson and if they bring up the topic of the latter’s love for nicotine pouches since the JRE host has been seen smoking a cigar on his podcast several times in the past. “How long till they brjng up Zyns,” a Redditor added.


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Early release or scheduled release, it is a fact that two of the most vocal people getting into a conversation will always end up with some noteworthy revelations and controversial statements. As such, that is what the fans are waiting for when they finally get to see Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan together. Are you excited about the episode? Let us know in the comments section.


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