Joe Rogan Calls Out Katt Williams’s Hard to Believe Confession; JRE Fans Say- “This Was Painful to Listen To”

Published 02/29/2024, 9:54 PM EST

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Joe Rogan recently had the privilege to host American standup comedian and actor, Katt Williams on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ #2111. The duo engaged in a wide variety of conversations and, out of all that, one thing stood out the most and it was Williams’s reading habits. The comedian claimed to have read more than 3000 books in his lifetime.

While in conversation about intellectual stuff, Williams shared a moment of his past with Rogan. The comedian stated that all he did in his childhood was read books.

“So, if I told you that from the time when I was eight to the time when I was 12, I never celebrated any birthdays, I never went to any birthday parties, I never had a Thanksgiving or Christmas, I never trick-or-treated. I wasn’t allowed to watch movies and TV. All I did was read.” 


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Williams further asserted that he used to take 20 books from the library to read. Rogan was left flabbergasted by Williams’s statement. In an attempt to call out the comedian, Rogan blankly questioned, “So, like, 60 books a week?” Williams had a one-word answer for Rogan’s query “Minimum.” He further clarified that it was pre-internet.

Williams interrupted Rogan to state, “I’m reading more than that because I have religious books that I had to read. Well, understand that this is pre-internet. First, this one thing I was reading is required to have an appendix book that is the sourcebook that is telling me.” The comedian’s statement now seems to have a real inquiry from the community. What did social media users have to say about Williams’s claims?

Katt Williams’s reading habits raise eyebrows from fans and Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan was surprised by Katt Williams’s statement. Similarly, fans had their doubts about what the comedian said on Rogan’s podcast. They soon took over several social media spaces to share their thoughts about the matter. “I literally just dropped everything i was doing,” declared an Instagram user because of how unexpected the claims were.

However, some people felt that the comedian was making up stuff. Comments like, “Cap!!! His vocabulary is no where near someone who reads 60 books a day,” “Cap Williams” and “Kat is either an incredible intellectual or just wildly out of his mind lol” were abundant.


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Considering that Williams hasn’t previously talked about being a big reader, many people were doubtful. Another fan felt embarrassed to listen to Williams talk. They wrote, “This was painful to listen to. Was he on tranquilizers?”

An Instagram user attempted to do some math to understand Williams’s claims. “dude does not read a book an hour could tell it was a lie cause of how he said 250 to 100 pages. What book is that short,” they wrote. Now Williams did not reveal the kind of books he would read or any titles. But fans were surely curious.

Did you know that Williams once also asserted to have an IQ of 163? Earlier, he said that he had been with Mensa since age 10 and allegedly had an IQ of 163.


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From the reactions of the fans, they are diverging opinions about Williams. Some of them agree with the comedian while others disregard him. Nonetheless, we have no means to know the truth. What’s your opinion about Katt Williams’s conversation with Joe Rogan? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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