Joe Rogan Confesses Kat Williams Gets “Uncomfortable” Due to This Reason

Published 03/01/2024, 1:49 PM EST

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Kat Williams joined Joe Rogan on a recent episode of the JRE podcast. When Williams made headlines recently after his explosive claims and revelations in an interview with Shannon Sharpe, where he told the former Super Bowl winner that he didn’t think Joe Rogan would like to have him on his podcast, Rogan invited the comedian to JRE, which he accepted.

While the podcast episode was an eventful one, and Williams is known for not shying away from tough topics and confronting even his worst critics, Rogan revealed the one thing that he found that makes one thing that makes the veteran entertainer uncomfortable.

Joe Rogan reveals what made Katt Williams uncomfortable on his podcast


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Joe Rogan was joined by comedian Dan Soder on episode #2112 of the JRE podcast. During the course of the podcast, the duo got to discussing Katt Williams’ much talked about appearance on his podcast, which created quite a stir.


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Rogan told Soder that he has asked the comedian the comedian to perform at his club in Austin, Texas, to which Williams flatly said no saying that he was an ‘arena act’. This, Rogan felt was because clubs made Williams uncomfortable.

However, Rogan was quick to point out that this was not due to William’s ego or him thinking clubs are below him, as Rogan felt that the much more intimate and crowded setting of a club made Williams uneasy as he was unaccustomed to it due to the level of his fame.

“I never met him until yesterday, I’ve never met him… and now he’s an arena act, you know… Like I asked him to do the club, ‘you want to do do a spot the club?’ He goes ‘I’m an arena act’… I do Arenas too, it’s okay, like the club is amazing. No, I think he genuinely doesn’t enjoy being in tight crowds like that. I think he’s uncomfortable and I just told him, I go, ‘you got too famous,'” Rogan told Soder after the eventful podcast episode with Williams.


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Katt Williams makes wild claims on JRE

Expectations were high for Katt Williams’s interview on JRE after the comedian’s nuclear interview on ‘Club Shay Shay’ where he exposed many purported secrets and dropped all the names to Shannon Sharpe. And while the Rogan interview was not as expository as his interview with the former NFL player, it was quite entertaining. Williams made some eye-watering claims on the podcast, which were very hard to believe, and even Rogan seemed like he wanted to call bull***t.

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For example, the comedian told the host that he used to read eight full novels, seven days a week when he was a kid. Another howler was his claims that he ran a 4.3 second 40-yard dash at the age of 52 which is quicker than most NFL players. Along with this, he engaged in what many have called out as conspiracy theories, such as that aliens built the Egyptian pyramids and reiterating the claim that the government puts fluoride in the water to shrink people’s pineal glands, despite fluoride being proven to be safe to consume. What do you think about Rogan’s comments on Kat Williams?


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