Joe Rogan Defends Guest Andrew Huberman After Reports of ‘Lying’ Tarnish Reputation – ‘Zero Influence’

Published 04/07/2024, 11:51 PM EDT

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Joe Rogan has come out in defense of his friend and Stanford neuroscientist and YouTuber, Andrew Huberman. People were stunned when ‘Intelligencer’- a New York Magazine quoted several women claiming that Huberman exhibited manipulation, bizarre behavior, and infidelity. So when Rogan was joined by Andrew Schulz in the JRE episode #2132, they discussed the matter.

Both men seemed to be on the same page and did not take the accusations seriously. They made it clear that they felt there was something fishy going on. “So there’s an article that Andrew Huberman, an ex got a hold of a reporter and said that he’s philanderer, he’s doing all these terrible things, he’s a bad guy. And so they write this long article. What they left out was that the person who accused him of all this- first of all is being investigated by the DOJ [Department of Justice] for fraud and is in the middle of that right now,” noted Rogan.

“It’s a very serious case. I would name the case, but like they made the lady anonymous, which is also crazy. Like you could have an anonymous person who attacks this famous person …Whether the things she’s saying are true or not true, the stuff she left out, the DOJ stuff.”


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The 56-year-old felt that the DOJ investigation should have found a mention in the article. However, what really grabbed people’s attention was Rogan’s theory on the reason behind the so-called hit piece. Both the men agreed that the article was an attempt to soil Huberman’s name. That’s when Andrew Schulz asked Joe Rogan a very important question: “Okay, so what do you think it is? Do you think it could come from pharmaceutical companies?”

The UFC commentator theorized that there were chances. “I don’t think there’s zero influence,” the self-admitted conspiracy theorist said. Huberman, like Rogan, is a big believer in new-age supplements called ‘nootropics’ and other dietary supplements. This has been criticized by other medical experts for being pseudoscience and doing more harm than good. That’s why Rogan opined that the article could have been funded by the pharmaceutical network. However, the factual accuracy of this isn’t known.

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Now Andrew Huberman and Joe Rogan have met several times. The Stanford neuroscientist was a guest on the JRE (episodes 1513, 1683, 1842, and 1958. But what did the Intelligencer article state about Andrew Huberman that pushed Joe Rogan to impose such questions?


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Cheating, manipulating, and anger: Andrew Huberman’s credibility questioned

On March 25, Intelligencer published a shocking article quoting Sarah (name changed)- Huberman’s ex-girlfriend, who allegedly faced his dark side. As per the article, their relationship began in February 2018 after they connected on Instagram. After an in-depth discussion, they decided to be exclusive later. However, Huberman’s spokesman denied this and claimed the two were not exclusive until late 2021.

They had similar interests: they loved to stay healthy and active. However, what bothered Sarah was Huberman’s patterns of disappearing for extended periods of time. Apparently, his friends and colleagues too experienced the same. The article quoted many people like Brian MacKenzie, a health influencer, who had previously collaborated with Huberman on breathing protocols, David Spiegel- a Stanford psychiatrist, a friend named Patrick Dossett, and several others.


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But coming back to Sarah, she claimed to have discovered Huberman’s journal that made references to him cheating. The long article stated that she had doubts about Huberman’s fidelity and caught him cheating several times. It also stated that the podcaster showed hints of manipulative behavior along with explosive anger. By 2022, Huberman’s popularity intensified, but according to Sarah’s claims, so did his rage.

These are some serious claims. The magazine stated that they reached out to Huberman to interview him for the story, but he declined. No doubt, these allegations shocked Joe Rogan and Andrew Schulz. What do you think?


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