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Joe Rogan Gets Told to His Face Why Jordan Peterson’s Psychology License Is Under ‘Jeopardy’ Partially Because of Him

Published 01/30/2023, 11:07 AM EST

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The noted UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, was absent from the commentary table at UFC 283. Rogan will also be missing a few more UFC events since he won’t be able to travel abroad owing to his busy schedule. The 55-year-old is also a seasoned comedian and former TV presenter apart from his UFC collaboration. Notably, Rogan’s podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ has bagged the supreme spot on Spotify’s list of ‘Top Podcasts’ multiple times. The massive viewership of ‘JRE’ has also got him into trouble sometimes. Numerous episodes of ‘JRE’ were removed by Spotify after it sparked internal protests from their employees.

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‘JRE’ and Rogan were accused of spreading misinformation related to COVID-19. Noted Canadian Psychologist, Jordan Peterson, appeared on a recent episode of ‘JRE’ and stated how his previous visit on Rogan’s podcast earned him a lawsuit. He also talked about how his Clinical Psychology license was under threat of cancellation. He stated that everything was due to the multiple ambiguous and irrelevant complaints.

Jordan Peterson reveals to Joe Rogan that he had multiple lawsuits filed against him


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Rogan brought up the severe issue Peterson was facing related to his Clinical Psychology license being under threat of cancellation. He stated, Your clinical psychology license is in jeopardy because you have opinions about politics that they disagree with which is a very dangerous and bizarre turn of events.

Peterson started describing his troubles right from the roots. He said, “It’s your fault actually, I told you I think we can still go on to talk about this. Ok so let me give you some background”. Rogan was curious as he mentioned, “I wanna know how it’s my fault”.


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Peterson iterated that The College of Psychology had levied as equivalent to 13 lawsuits against” him. He was also disgusted by how literally anyone on this earth could place a complaint against his actions.

Peterson stated, “Now the reason I call them lawsuits is because their actions are taken on behalf of a complainant. Now, the complainant can be anyone anywhere in the world who complains about me for any reason”. The psychologist also mentioned that the complainants also “don’t have to be former clients, they don’t have to be someone” he has ever met.

Peterson reveals how Joe Rogan earned him a lawsuit along with the other ones

‘The Canadian’ also revealed the irrelevancy of the complainants stating, “All these complaints are someone online. None of them are my clients, although half of them claim to be, falsely”. The JRE host’s curiosity compelled him to ask Peterson, And what are their complaints?”

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Peterson stated that there were various issues due to which these complaints were made against him. He described a few stating, “One was about that Sports Illustrated cover which featured that overweight model and I tweeted out “not beautiful” and I guess that was something like fat shaming or I don’t remember what the charge was.


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The ‘Canadian Psychologist’ stated that one had complained against him due to his criticism of the Canadian prime minister. He said, Justin Trudeau, a former staff member of Justin Trudeau”. He also revealed a complaint that was made against him for cracking jokes at the New Zealander politician, Jacinda Ardern.

He finally stated how Rogan was also involved in him earning a lawsuit. Peterson mentioned, “Then they submitted one complaint from the US who submitted the transcript of our last discussion. So, I don’t know how to defend myself against that because apparently everything I said and everything you said too, is bringing the profession of psychology into disgrace.”


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He was also frustrated about the College of Psychology, Ontario asking him to attend re-education classes.  

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