Joe Rogan Goes “What the F**k” During Aaron Rodgers Podcast After Learning About Bizarre California Law

Published 02/20/2024, 12:12 AM EST

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Joe Rogan left California over his frustration with the state’s strict COVID policies. After residing in the Silico͏n Val͏le͏y state ͏for over 25 years, he decided to leave in 2020. According to Rogan, California tends to exert excessive control over its residents, and the recent Nicotine law serves as ͏a clear example of this trend. In his latest conversation on ‘JRE’ #2099, Rogan again stated the reasons why he will never move back to California. And guess what! It involves control of people’s rights.

UFC 298 happened in Anaheim, California, and Joe Rogan was there to witness the event. Ahead of the event, Rogan hosted the quarterback for the New York Jets and 4-time winner of the NFL Most Valuable Player, Aaron Rodgers on his ‘JRE’ episode no #2099. During the conversation, Rogan emphasized that this would be the only time he would visit California.

“I guess one of the rare times I go back to that communist sh*thole commonly known as California,” said Rogan. The million-dollar podcaster further emphasized that California is not a place where he can reside anymore. “That f*cking place is so crazy. You know, you can’t get these (flavored nicotine). I had a friend of mine. My friend Moshe was here the other day, and he’s like, “Oh, you have flavored. You can’t get flavored nicotine. Imagine. You can’t get flavored nicotine.”


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Rodgers further intervened to have a logical response to Rogan’s assessment. “I think it’s because of the vaping,” said Rodgers. However, Rogan was not content with the answer. He stated, “What the f**k? What does that mean? I’m a grown man; you are telling me I can go buy whiskey, but I can’t get flavored nicotine? Like, what are you doing? They just can’t wait to put more control on people in any way, shape, or form.”

Despite Joe Rogan’s strained relationship with the state, he still attended the event. Nevertheless, why did the 56-year-old podcaster leave California after 25 years?

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Rogan’s issue with California!

Joe Rogan was a proud Californian who used to boast about the well-maintained state until COVID hit the world and things started to change. The famous podcaster felt that the government started controlling the basic rights of people in the name of COVID-19 regulation. And Rogan knew it was time for him and his family to say goodbye to the state. The million-dollar podcaster left California for Austin, Texas.

“Everything’s shut down, everything’s staying shut down,” Rogan recalled about the early days of COVID in California. “All my friends that were in the restaurant industry were struggling. … They lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 70% of the restaurants in Los Angeles.”


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Rogan finally left California in 2020. After this exodus, shocking data revealed something surprising. As per the data, Rogan was not the only person who left California. Tens of thousands of residents have left the state throughout the pandemic. Nonetheless, was it the right decision by Joe Rogan to leave Cali for Texas?


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