Joe Rogan Left Horrified by the Loopholes of Universal Basic Income as Pointed out by Dr. Phil – “They Did Not Want to Go back to Work”

Published 02/22/2024, 4:33 AM EST

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In episode 2105 of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, Joe Rogan and Dr. Phil discussed loopholes that exist in the Universal Basic Income theory. Under this, the government of a country ensures that each citizen has a minimum monthly income irrespective of their employment status. So, what about this scheme does Rogan find weird?

Rogan claimed it does more harm than good. According to him, it makes people accustomed to handouts instead of working hard to fulfill their dreams. A short clip of their discussion was posted on Reddit. “I think that was a really good idea until I saw what people did when they got the cheques in the pandemic. They did not want to go back to work and the beautiful part of the idea is that if you give money to people for food and shelter, then they can pursue their dreams,” he said.

He added, “But how many people are we going to lose if we take incentive back? How many people will never go to get their a*s in gear? That a number too.” Dr. Phil agreed with this assessment too, as he responded by saying, “The longer you are off from work, the less likely you are to ever return to work.” 


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Dr. Phil further explained that when people stop working, their identities also change and that their circle becomes much smaller. So when pushed to get back to their original routine, people might feel out of place and hesitant. But why were Rogan and Dr. Phil talking about this?

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Well, they were discussing education, and that’s when Rogan’s guest made a comment about how universities had more liberal professors than conservatives. He opined that liberals went to the university to teach so that they wouldn’t have to compete like in “the real world.” He then wondered if someone was going to an Ivy League school by paying a hefty amount to learn about equality of outcome, why was elite education needed? From here, the duo started discussing the Universal Basic Income.

The aforementioned confirmation gives an insight into a very profound analysis made by them on Universal Basic Income. However, it bears mention that this has not been the sole instance the podcast host has used his platform to point out flaws in a law.

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Joe Rogan lashed out at this California law!

During JRE episode 2099 with Aaron Rodgers, Rogan discussed how vapes and flavored nicotine were banned in California. He did not find it logical. According to him, there should be no reason to ban flavored nicotine if liquor is freely permitted.


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He said, “That f*cking place is so crazy. You know, you can’t get these (flavored nicotine). I had a friend of mine. My friend Moshe was here the other day, and he’s like, “Oh, you have flavored. You can’t get flavored nicotine. Imagine. You can’t get flavored nicotine.”


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What the f**k? What does that mean? I’m a grown man; you are telling me I can go buy whiskey, but I can’t get flavoured nicotine? Like, what are you doing? They just can’t wait to put more control on people in any way, shape, or form.”

In fact, back in 2020, he left California and moved to Austin, Texas. He did not like the rules imposed by the California government during COVID-19.


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It is safe to say that Rogan does not shy away from speaking his mind on any topic. While he has made his opinion known, we are curious to know what do you make of his assessment of the aforementioned law? Share with us your opinions in the comments below.


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