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Joe Rogan Left Stunned at “Crazy” Keanu Reeves Fact After Blockbuster Franchise ‘John Wick’ Director Drops a Wild Disclosure – “How Crazy That Is”

Published 06/08/2023, 3:37 AM EDT

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The 55-year-old UFC commentator Joe Rogan has a wide range of interests. In his podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, he mostly talks about his love for MMA, science and technology, and sometimes movies. The podcaster has often proved that he loves watching movies. Moreover, Rogan is a keen observer of the same. He gives importance to the minute details of films. As someone who is closely associated with the MMA world, the UFC commentator has a special interest in movies filled with great action sequences.

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In a recent episode of JRE, Rogan proved his love for the movie ‘John Wick’. The 55-year-old could not resist appreciating the gun magazine flip done by the lead actor, Keanu Reeves, in the movie. Rogan was having a conversation with Chad Stahelski; popular for directing the ‘John Wick’ film franchise. Apart from being a director, he is also a stuntman and producer. While talking about the film, both Rogan and Stahelski discussed the actions involved in the film.

Joe Rogan talks about the “crazy” idea of Keanu Reeves


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In episode #1995 of the JRE, Stahelski passionately talked about how each action in the film was brought about by teamwork. He further talked about how Keanu Reeves came up with the gun magazine action. The director said, “We did a quick little preview in our base series back in LA and showed “Oh my god. This is so great. Can Keanu do this?” and I’m like, ‘I hope so.’

After listening to the ‘John Wick’ director Rogan was curious about the action part of the movie. Rogan asked, “Where did the magazine reload flip come from?” That’s when Stahelski mentioned that it is the idea of the lead actor, Keanu Reeves.


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He mentioned, “Funny thing, I’m giving total credit to Keanu… 100 percent. He started doing that and I’m like ‘What are you doing’ He was like ‘I’m checking that, f*ck’ I give the credit to Keanu, I mean that’s awesome.” The UFC commentator was so impressed with the idea of the actor and said, “It is awesome. People do that thing, you know how crazy that is. An actor for a film decides to come up with a thing and it’s actually a quicker way to eject a magazine.

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From the conversation between the two, it is clear that Rogan is someone who loves action-thriller movies. But didn’t he dislike the movie earlier?

When Rogan shared his dislike for the John Wick movie series

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In episode #1939, the UFC color commentator revealed he thought John Wick series was “ridiculous“. Rogan said,“ This guy’s body count is crazy the movie makes the least amount of sense he’s the nice guy serial killer assassin who can’t be stopped.”


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However, Rogan’s latest revelation points to the fact that he still admires the craft of actors despite not liking the movies. What do you think?

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