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Joe Rogan Makes a Strong Statement – “I’m Pretty Liberal Like Pretty F**king Liberal Across the Board”

Published 05/16/2022, 11:24 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan recently spoke about a false narrative going about him.

America’s Favorite Video Today

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has a massive audience because of his different mainstream ventures. With the success Rogan is having in his life, there are often criticisms coming his way.


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In a conversation with friend Ben Shapiro, Rogan offered he is liberal. Also, he proposed that there’s a common notion among certain people that believe he was conservative.

“What I felt was fascinating was that a lot of people were trying to label us as like deplorable conservatives and like what they’re saying is – this is a group of renegade conservatives.”

via Imago

“I’m pretty liberal, like pretty f**king liberal across the board,” said Rogan. Besides, suggesting different arguments he looks at them with an open mind, which shows he was liberal.

“I mean, I’m pretty liberal like it’s, but it doesn’t fit the narrative,” Rogan submitted that there is an agenda for why he was labeled as a conservative.

Why is Joe Rogan So Important to the UFC?

With his JRE podcast, Spotify’s biggest podcast host has shown how well he can set a conversation. Besides, he is open to discussion about literally anything.

Even earlier on his podcast, Rogan has mentioned that he has been a liberal for his entire life. Rogan admitted that there are certain things about him that could represent him as a conservative, but it is not the case.

Joe Rogan on the difference between vegan and non-vegan diet

It’s no secret how big of a fan Rogan is of consuming meat. The longtime UFC commentator, in a conversation with bantamweight prospect Sean O’Malley, talked about the importance of eating meat.


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After ‘Sugar’ revealed why he left the vegan diet to add meat to his nutrition, Rogan said, “There’s a lot of nutrients that you’re gonna really have to search for, if you’re just eating plants… There’s a lot of sh** that you’re not gonna get.”

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Rogan even talked about a documentary on the vegan diet and called it a ‘vegan propaganda film’ for not stating accurate facts.


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What do you make of Joe Rogan’s comment about being a left-winger? Let us know in the comments.



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