Joe Rogan vs. the jacked scientist—who do you trust more on health advice?

The fitness that Joe Rogan has at 56 years of age, surprisingly, is not an indicator of the fitness knowledge he has. That is not to say that Rogan does not know his stuff, but there is room for improvement, as was exposed lately. The Spotify podcaster recently echoed a sentiment widely popular in the fitness community and was fact-checked by someone Rogan described as a credible source for such information. Rogan believes that sugar is detrimental to the human body, which, interestingly, was shut down by a scientist.

Yes, there have been instances when Joe Rogan’s been proved wrong or has been fact-checked. In this instance, a health debate came to the fore, where the reply came from a scientist who has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Let’s check out what was said and what the response was.

Joe Rogan gets fact-checked about sugar


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During a JRE episode in the recent past, Joe Rogan talked about sugar, which he believes has negative effects on people. The 56-year-old would even suggest consulting physicians and scientists with big physical build and all of them inadvertently agree about the detrimental status of sugar.

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“If you really wanna know like what’s good for you and what’s bad for you, I always say, ‘Listen to jacked scientists’. Those are the guys who are going to tell you, ‘These are the foods that are actually good for you and these are the foods [that are bad for you].’ Almost everyone agrees [that] Sugar’s terrible for you,” said Joe Rogan. And guess who responded? Well, it was a “jacked” scientist by the name of Dr. Mike Israetel. He appeared to dismiss Rogan’s claims with a sincere and respectful response by stating that the amount of sugar intake is the real key.

“Joe Rogan, no offense at all. You’re the f***ing man and my respect for you is at a super massive level… Almost all scientists say that sugar is totally fine, being that it’s not bringing in a ton of excess calories and that’s how sugar is bad,” Dr. Mike Israetel stated on his YouTube channel. He’d then dish out details on the real food that’s bad for the body, which included processed foods.

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“Also if you’re eating a ton of processed garbage, it doesn’t really matter if it’s processed garbage protein, sugar, or carbohydrate, which is simple sugars and fats, it’s like, it’s all f***ing dog sh*t,” Dr. Israetel further stated. Another important thing about sugar, according to him, is the source. Let’s dive into that part of his response.


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Always prefer “healthy sources”

Dr. Mike Israetel would mention that the most important thing about any kind of food is the source. As such, if the source is artificial, which is found in many carbonated drinks, it’s going to have negative effects for sure. However, if the food is natural, like in fruits and vegetables, which is also a source of sugar, then there’s really nothing to worry about.


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“If you’re consuming sugar from relatively healthy sources, and it’s not an excess calories, the almost unanimous consent in the actual research-based scientific community of people that study this kind of stuff is that sugar is totally fine so is protein [and] so is fat,” Dr. Israetel added as a response to Joe Rogan.

What do you make of Dr. Mike Tsraetel’s response to Joe Rogan? Do you have anything to add to this discourse? Drop your comments below.