Joe Rogan on Kat Williams’ Controversy: “I Never Met Him Until Yesterday”

Published 03/01/2024, 11:11 PM EST

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Katt Williams and Joe Rogan only recently came together despite the podcaster having praised the comedian many times before. Williams recently went rather viral for his rant about many things including the world of comedy and entertainment. Williams also once mentioned how he was never invited to Rogan’s show.

So Rogan did the only right thing he could, he quickly confessed his love for his work and asked to have him on the podcast. And soon, it all came to be. In a recent episode of his podcast, he had the comedian on, and now, in yet another episode, here’s his explanation of how.

Joe Rogan and friends always talk about Williams


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Kat Williams went on to Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay where his infamous rant went viral. There, he admitted that he was never invited to Rogan’s podcast. Instead, Joe Rogan would rather invite “six comedians that never been funny”, he said. In response, the UFC color commentator quickly went to his X handle to call Williams on.


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Now, on episode #2112 with comedian Dan Soder, Rogan spoke about the whole thing. “I was so happy that I got him to come on the podcast because like, he’s like, ‘Joe Rogan don’t want me on this podcast’ like I do though! I f*cking love that guy, I’ve always sung his praises. . . I immediately went on twitter and I said, dude I love that guy, let’s go. I just never met him, I never met him until yesterday. So it’s just like we passed each other in the night at the (comedy) store. I just never was there when he was there.”

This episode aired right before Soder came to the podcast as well, just like Rogan mentioned. Interestingly, Rogan has previously also mentioned how he invites guests over to the Joe Rogan Experience and gave Willaims’ name as an example to Bobby Lee.

Rogan tells Lee how Williams could have been invited in a few easy steps


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In a previous episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the UFC color commentator had Bobby Lee on. Lee is yet another famous comic who should have been on the podcast way before he actually came on. He celebrated his arrival right as soon as the episode started and counted his blessings for being there as a joke.

Joe Rogan then explained to Lee that every guest was booked on Rogan’s phone. All he does is let one of his team members know who he wants on and they get it going. For instance, he said, if he wants to reach out to Katt Williams, his “guy” Matt will do it for him.


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Matt remains faceless so far in the public eye but clearly, he plays a crucial role in bringing interesting guests onto the show. Can you think of yet another comedian who should come on to the podcast but hasn’t yet? Let us know in the comments.


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