“Joe Rogan Podcast About to Get Canceled”: Controversial Loud-Mouthed UFC Star Sean Strickland Teases JRE Appearance as Frantic Fans Get Worried Sick for $200 Million Spotify Deal

Published 07/06/2023, 1:50 AM EDT

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UFC fighter Sean Strickland recently shared a photo on his Instagram alongside Joe Rogan in the renowned JRE studio. Strickland, known for his entertaining and wildly outspoken personality, has garnered a reputation among fans for his hilariously outlandish comments. While his remarks have occasionally courted controversy, fans have always found humor in his unconventional delivery.

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The fans wasted no time speculating about the potential consequences of having Strickland on Spotify, the platform that hosts Joe Rogan’s podcast. Given Strickland’s history of questionable comments, there were concerns about how his presence might be received. And that this might be the end of JRE as we know it!

Fans worry that Sean Strickland might spell doom for The Joe Rogan Experience


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Fans’ comments on Strickland’s Instagram post reflect both anticipation and apprehension about his appearance on the $200 million worth JRE podcast. Some people eagerly expressed their excitement to hear Strickland’s trademark catchphrase, “Alright, here’s the thing Joe,” while others engaged in playful speculation about the reactions of Spotify executives and made jokes about the possible cancellation of the podcast.

“I cannot wait to hear the words “Alright here’s the thing Joe””


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“Spotify execs in shambles as we speak”

“Joe Rogan podcast about to get cancelled 😂”

“That’s was good run with Joe Rogan podcast. This sh*t is about to be cancelled 😂😂”

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“Bro KO’d his appointment, dipped out on a motorcycle, and went on Rogan a few days after. STRICKLAND A WALKING W”

“Ahahahaha that will be good”

“They went from taking every platform away from this guy to giving him every single platform they could … W for @strickland_mma_”

The unexpected nature of Strickland’s persona and the anticipation surrounding his episode on the JRE has generated significant buzz. Nevertheless, fans have embraced the eccentricity and entertainment value that Strickland brings to his interviews, even if his choice of words can be unconventional.

Strickland and his unfiltered commentary on everything under the sun

In the inaugural episode of his podcast, ‘The Man Dance,’ Strickland took shots at UFC Heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Known for his own share of controversies, including legal troubles and failed drug tests, Jones became the target of Strickland’s no-holds-barred commentary.


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Strickland encouraged Jones to embrace his true self rather than projecting a false persona. According to Sean, “What fu**ks me off with him is the fact that he’s like, ‘Oh no, God loves me, I’m a saint.’ Like no dude, you are a piece of sh*t.

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With his appearance on the JRE, Strickland now has the opportunity to reach an even broader audience. Fans are eagerly awaiting his next move and are on the edge of their seats to see how he will captivate listeners during this highly anticipated episode.


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What are your thoughts on Sean Strickland’s presence on the JRE and the potential impact it may have? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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